Vita Coco Now Available in Larger Size


@@img1 NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vita Coco, the original coconut water brand and one of the fastest-growing lifestyle beverages in the nation, today introduced a new one-liter size into mass retail. Prior to this, the Vita Coco beverage brand was sold only in an 11.2-ounce size, in Tetra Pak.
"It’s fitting that we close out a big year by offering a bigger size," says Michael Kirban, co-founder of Vita Coco. He continues: "This has been Vita Coco’s best year ever at retail, and it’s because our brand meets the growing consumer demand for coconut water. We received repeated requests from gym-fanatics and athletes for Vita Coco in a larger size and that’s what we’ve given them."

Continues Kirban: "We received thousands of emails requesting Vita Coco in a bigger size, something larger but still convenient to carry around the gym. The new one-liter size has over 2,000 mg of potassium and of course, far more electrolytes—naturally—than any industrialized sports drink."

Continues Kirban: "The new one-liter size is also ideal for food service, whether it’s a juice bar or a restaurant."

On the growing coconut water market, Kirban says: "At Vita Coco’s present rate of growth and the increasingly consumer support for the category, national coconut water sales should double by the end of 2008."

This news follows the brand’s recent introduction of a new flavor, Vita Coco Tangerine, and the announcement in November 2007 that all Vita Coco flavors are new produced 100% free of added sugars.

Vita Coco, all-natural, pure 100% coconut water, has for many consumers become the best alternative to sports drinks and enhanced bottled waters, and is now the market leader in national coconut water sales. One reason: the 11.2 oz. serving size of Vita Coco contains almost 700 mg of potassium, approximately 15 times more potassium than the average sports drink in a similar serving size. Vita Coco is the only coconut water on the market that uses 100%natural fruit purees as flavoring.

The Vita Coco brand launched in 2004 and was initially sold only in health food stores. By 2006, the brand broke through into mainstream groceries and was selling in over 3,000 retail doors nationwide. Today, Vita Coco is now sold in over 5,000 retail doors nationwide, including Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Giant Eagle, Target, Ralph’s, Shaw’s, HEB, Albertson’s, Meijer and Hannaford Supermarkets.

About Vita Coco

Vita Coco promises to rehydrate the world one coconut at a time. The beverage has a single ingredient—coconut water—with no preservatives, added sugars, flavoring, essence, water or coloring. Coconut water, not the same as coconut milk, is extracted from young, green coconuts, is fat and cholesterol free, high in potassium, contains alkalinizing minerals such as magnesium and calcium and is excellent for replacing electrolytes or rejuvenating the body.

In addition to natural coconut water, the Vita Coco beverage brand offers four flavors including Passion Fruit, Peach-Mango, Pineapple and new Vita Coco with Tangerine puree—all made with 100% natural fruit purees as flavoring. Vita Coco is the #1 selling coconut water in Tetra-Pak. (Source: SPINScan, 52 weeks ending 8/11/2007. SPINS is a market research and consulting firm for the Natural Products Industry.) or (877) VITA-COCO