BAWLS to be Featured on the Food Network!


@@img1 Miami, FL – January 29, 2008 – BAWLS Guarana products – notably the company’s carbonated, caffeinated BAWLS BUZZ candies – will be featured on the February 4th airing of the hit Food Network show “Unwrapped.” As part of “Unwrapped’s” Foods That Fizz episode, host Marc Summers will unveil the secrets behind the flavor and “fizz” that have made the BAWLS Guarana product line so popular.


BAWLS Guarana Founder and CEO Hoby Buppert, along with COO Christina Staalstrom, joined “Unwrapped” producers to shed light on their brand’s unique, 11-year history, escort “Unwrapped” cameras for a rare glimpse of a BAWS BUZZ production and put their fizzy products to the test.


“Unwrapped is a wildly popular program that tells the stories behind America’s favorite drinks and snacks and we are flattered to have been approached by the Food Network for inclusion in the show,” commended CEO and Founder Hoby Buppert. “BAWLS BUZZ candies are just another example of our brand’s commitment to great taste and innovative packaging, and we are excited to tell our story to viewers!”


The episode, scheduled to air on Monday, February 4th at 9pm EST will feature a behind-the-scenes look at BAWLS Guarana products.


BAWLS BUZZ candies are available in 6-pack and 12-pack offerings nationwide at select game centers and premium retailers, including Microcenter stores,, Metropark and more.



BAWLS is the brainchild of entrepreneur Hoby Buppert, CEO of Hobarama, LLC, who named the beverage for the caffeinated “bounce” the drink packs. Widely distributed to local supermarkets, convenience stores (7-Eleven, Speedway/SuperAmerica), Target, Microcenter stores and gaming venues; BAWLS is a premium, non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage made from the guarana berry harvested in the Amazonian Rainforest. The caffeine found in BAWLS Guarana contains the same amount of caffeine as coffee and nearly three times that of traditional sodas due to a naturally occurring form of the stimulant found in the guarana berry. BAWLS’ unique refreshing flavor tastes like a citrus infused cream soda and its popularity continues to grow among caffeine-deprived, refreshment-seeking techies, students, professionals and athletes in need of a Bounce. For more information, visit