A little Fred is a good thing


@@img1Friends of Fred are proud and excited to announce the safe arrival of a brand new, healthy baby boy named Fred. Weighing in at 400 milliliters of velvety smooth and natural goodness, baby Fred measures 177mm tall, 82mm wide and 41mm front-to-back. He is super healthy, has an incredibly low level of nitrates and has already proven to be Fred 600’s equal in terms of personality and hangoutability. In fact, new Fred 400 fits in more places than his larger taste buddy.

“Fred loves to hang out and it soon became obvious that we needed another Fred for those occasions where the 600ml is just a bit too much Fred: airlines, hotel mini fridges, events” says Adam Gayner, friend of Fred and CEO of the company.

“If Fred 600 is the bomb, then Fred 400 is the bottle rocket,” adds company Creative Director and friend of Fred, Ariel Broggi.

Fred 400 is now available nationwide to consumers, retailers and distributors alike.

About Fred:

Fred is the newest brand entrant in the premium bottled water category. Launched by Brooklyn-based advertising agency, thread®, in September O06, Fred is expanding distribution nationwide and internationally. He has won the affection of celebrities and national press, received the honor “Hottest Water in Hollywood” from the E! Channel’s “Daily 10” and been featured on CNBC’s The Big Idea, viewable at http://youtube.com/fredontv.