New XL Energy Drink Can Design and Size to Hit the Market in February 2008


@@img1 New York, January 30, 2008 – XL Energy Drink, the vibrant and tasty, lightly carbonated drink, hit the U.S. market in New York in 2006. Today, XL has more than 50 distributors in more than 24 states. In 2007 sales volume has increased by 675%. Continuously entering into agreements with new distributors, XL is proud to work with Manhattan Beer in NY, Heidelberg Distributing in Northern Kentucky, Anderson Distributing Company in Michigan and Core-Mark International in Pennsylvania among many others join our team. 

Step by Step, XL is expanding to the west coast, opening an office in California in early spring 2008.

After having done extensive market research and conducted substantial customer surveys, XL has come out with a newly Designed Can – a unique and unforgettable look – which will convince consumers and distributors of the uniqueness and power of XL Energy Drink.

In addition, reacting on the increasing demand, XL adds a new SKU to its product line, a 16.9 oz can, to be more competitive and to satisfy the demand from present and future distributors and consumers.

Both, the New Look and the 16.9 oz can will drive the explosive growth and success of XL in 2008.

We look forward to working with you. 

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