Go Fast Sports and Beverage Company announces new can size and flavors


Denver, Colorado – Go Fast Sports and Beverage Company, creator of Go Fast Energy Drinks, is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Go Fast Family.  Available this fall, Go Fast Energy Drinks will now be available in a 16oz can.  Also launching in the new 16oz cans will be new, revolutionary formulas; Z-17, Light and GFTea.

All Go Fast Energy Drinks are formulated to bring you the most functional and best tasting energy drink.  Go Fast was developed to give the consumer a longer, smoother, more sustained energy boost without the jittery crash associated with other energy drinks.  


“In my past twenty two years of experience in the beverage industry and eight years of selling and distributing energy drinks, GO FAST has been the best kept secret in the industry,” says Kevin Conrad, Executive Vice President and Director of North American Sales and Distribution for Go Fast Sports and Beverage Company. “Our four new SKU’s launching in October of 2008 will introduce the superior premium taste to the entire country. The taste and quality of GO FAST is far superior to any other energy drink out there in the market.”

Hitting store shelves this fall, Go Fast Sports and Beverage Company will also be premiering the new line of flavors and 16oz cans at this year’s NACS in Chicago, Illinois, October 5-7, 2008.  Please visit us in booth 1773.

We hope you enjoy the new line of Go Fast Energy Drinks as much as we have developing them!

For high resolution photos of the new Go Fast SKU’s or samples of the new product line, please contact:

Kelly McLear, 303-893-1222 ext 26 or Kelly@gofastsports.com

About Go Fast Sports and Beverage Company:

The Go Fast lifestyle is becoming a global phenomenon.  Although based out of Denver, Colorado, the Go Fast way of life has expanded to such countries as Holland, England, Scotland, Mexico, Jamaica, Belgium and Hungary through the Go Fast Energy Drink, clothing line, Go Fast Jet Pack performances, Go Fast Energy Gum and just the over-all passion for Going Fast!

We are an Authentic Lifestyle; an independent brand in an industry full of corporate giants.  On any given day you find a member of the World-Wide Go Fast staff skydiving, B.A.S.E. jumping, racing motorcycles, snowboarding and living the Go Fast Lifestyle.  The Go Fast brand appeals to people who have a passion for living life a little on the edge, and the products speak to the audience’s adventurous attitude.  Go Fast supports professional and amateur athletes in a variety of sports as well as those who just live a Go Fast Lifestyle.  No other company does extreme the way Go Fast does!  Not only does Go Fast have the products and means to support the fast lifestyles, but they live it in everything they do.  From Go Fast Jet Pack flights across the globe, to B.A.S.E. jumping events, to auto racing, to stunts like the human slingshot and the world’s tallest bungee, Go Fast supports the people and the athletes that want and strive, to live life on the edge.  Go Fast Gum Company is not just a company, IT’S A STYLE, IT’S AN ATTITUDE..IT’S A WAY OF LIFE!