Drenchers Power Packs a Protein Wallop


ORLANDO – October 13, 2008 – Drenchers™ new product offering, Power, is a tasty orange-crème all natural 100% super juice that packs a powerful punch of protein, vitamins, nutrients and amino acids to increase energy, help enhance strength and improve energy to muscles.

“Drenchers™ Power is a custom-fortified, all natural 100% juice – a perfect blend of healthful and refreshing flavors delivering 20 grams of protein per 8 ounce serving. Power contains Bodyguard™ and combines proteins with key vitamins and minerals to enhance and refuel your muscles better than other 100% fortified juices,” said Chris New, founder, chairman and CEO of NBI Juiceworks, producers and distributors of Drenchers™ and Sun Shower™ brand products. “A healthy meal in a bottle – Power contains non-fat milk and whey and is a great source of protein. We all lose protein daily, so it’s important that we replace it with a healthy source like Drenchers™ Power.”

Each eight ounce serving of Power has 210 calories and contains two servings of fruit.
Available in shelf stable 12 ounce and 64 ounce sizes, Drenchers™ Power all natural 100% super juice contains Bodyguard™, a fortification package of 15-plus essential vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, electrolytes and herbs, including:

• L-Arginine – Potent nutraceutical due to its powerful healing and immune boosting properties.
• Creatine – Provides energy to muscles. Lengthens life of cells and tissues by protecting them from injury or hard.
• Glutamine – Energy for enhanced strength. Fights mental fatigue and increases tolerance to stress.
• Essential B vitamins (B3, B5, B6 & B12) and powerful antioxidants (A, C & E) for increased protection, energy, strength and focus.

About NBI Juiceworks
NBI Juiceworks™ (New Beverage Insights Juiceworks™, LLLP), produces and distributes Drenchers™ and Sun Shower™ brand products. Using its exclusive (method of use patent pending) juice extracting and bottle filling process, NBI Juiceworks captures the full flavor, color, and nutrient value of fresh California-grown nectarines in its products. NBI Juiceworks was founded in Orlando, Fla. in 2005 and its executive team has over 150 years of combined management experience in the juice and beverage industry. For more information, visit www.nbijuiceworks.com.