Honest Tea Launches Honest Ade Superfruit Punch at NACS

(Chicago, IL October 5, 2008) – Honest Tea®, the nation’s top-selling organic bottled tea company, debuted the newest addition to it’s line of Honest Ade organic thirst quenchers – Superfruit Punch with Yumberry and Goji Berry – at the National Association for Convenience and Petroleum Retailer’s (NACS) annual showcase in Chicago.

A leader in innovative, great-tasting, truly healthy organic beverages for more than 10 years, Honest Tea’s Honest Ade Superfruit Punch contains some of the newest ingredients in the beverage industry – yumberry and goji berry. Also known as yang-mei, yumberry has been a popular fruit in China for generations and is now being touted as the next “powerhouse berry,” while goji berry continues to gain recognition among US consumers for its sweet taste and superior health benefits. Honest Ade Superfruit Punch combines these antioxidant-rich berries with organic strawberry and pear juice to create the perfect addition to Honest Tea’s line of low sugar, USDA certified organic thirst quenchers.

“Honest Ade Superfruit Punch delivers knockout taste with the high levels of antioxidants consumers are seeking,” said Seth Goldman, President and TeaEO of Honest Tea. “We’re thrilled with the early results we’ve seen in New York and we can’t wait to share Superfruit Punch with the rest of the country.”

Honest Ade Superfruit Punch is already proving to be a hit in New York, where the product has been in market trials since August 2008. Currently, Superfruit Punch with Yumberry and Goji Berry ranks among Honest Tea’s best-selling varieties in the market after only two months of distribution. Honest Ade’s new Superfruit Punch is available in a 16.9 fl. oz., fully-recyclable PET 1 bottle with a suggested retail price of $1.59 and is expected to rollout in other markets in the coming months.

Honest Tea’s Honest Ade organic thirst quenchers have twice the fresh-squeezed taste of super-sweet drinks with fewer than 50 calories per serving. All are USDA certified organic, low in sugar and are packed with refreshing fruit flavor. Other Honest Ade varieties include: Pomegranate Blue, Cranberry Lemonade, Orange Mango with Mangosteen and Limeade.

For more information, visit www.honesttea.com.