Biotta, Inc. introduces ten new beverage varieties and new single serve bottles for 2009


October 17, 2008 (Carmel, IN) – Biotta, Inc., the organic beverage company founded in 1931 in Switzerland, will be introducing ten new fresh, delicious beverage varieties to their line for 2009, bringing the total varieties to sixteen. In addition to the current 16.9 fl oz (500ml) size, the company will also introduce a new, single serving 8.4 fl oz (250ml) size. This is ideal for consumers on the go, as it can easily be stashed in a gym bag or purse.

The current varieties, which are available in a 500ml size, include Beetroot Juice (to boost the immune system), Wild Bilberry Juice (to build strong blood vessels and improve circulation), Breuss® Vegetable Juice (for purification and cleansing), Carrot Juice (for vision), Celery Root Juice (for pH regulation), Sauerkraut Juice (for digestion) and Vegetable Juice Cocktail (for the immune system).

The new flavors will include:

• Balance Juice: For your purification (250 ml and 500 ml)
• Potato Juice: For your stomach (500 ml)
• Energy Drink: For energy (250 ml)
• Elderberry Juice: For your Respiratory and Immune Systems (250 ml)
• Breakfast Juice: For sustained energy (250 ml)

The Beet Juice, Wild Bilberry Juice, Carrot Juice and Vegetable Juice Cocktail flavors from the current line will also be offered in a 250 ml size in the new line. The new single serve line will be packed 12 per case, while the new 500ml line will continue to be offered in a 6 bottle per case packaging.
“As a pioneer in the production of 100% all natural, organic juices for over half a century, Biotta is now poised to conquer the 21st century with fresh, crisp packaging, as well as single serve bottles, which address the needs of modern, active people,” explains George Pappas, Chief Executive Officer of Biotta, Inc. “We are also thrilled to expand our flavor offerings to a total of seventeen unique combinations, including Elderberry juice, which is a delicious and convenient way to protect your respiratory and immune systems as we head into the cold and flu season.”

The new crisp modern packaging will reflect the beverage’s exact ingredients by displaying a photograph of the number of fruits or vegetables contained in each bottle. It will also illustrate clearly the function of each blend, i.e. Beetroot juice for the immune system, Breuss® Vegetable Juice for purification. This gives consumers an accurate snapshot of both the taste and health benefits from each blend. Further, the beverages will continue to be packaged and sold in glass bottles, which not only ensures the preservation of the quality of the juice, but they are also 100% recyclable.

At Biotta, top quality means organic products are grown and left as nature intended. To demonstrate this dedication, they never use chemical-synthetic additives or ingredients in their products. First-class vine and field ripened produce is carefully processed to ensure the delicious flavors while minimal processing ensures that the juices’ natural minerals and vitamins are left intact. Biotta goes to great measures to ensure that the highest quality of nutrients go into their juices. The juices are 100% pure, contain no artificial additives and are never made from concentrate.