Primo Launches More Environmentally-Friendly Bottled Water in Time for Earth Day 2008;


SALEM, N.C., April 7, 2008 /PRNewswire/ — This Earth Day, busy
consumers will be able to enjoy the convenience of bottled water while
reducing their impact on the planet with Primo water, a great-tasting
water in a more environmentally-friendly, single serve bottle.
Traditional water bottles are made from crude oil, a non-renewable
resource. The Primo bottle is different from all other water bottles
sold in the U.S. because it is made from plants, a natural, renewable
resource grown on American soil.

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water bottles are created from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a
petroleum-based plastic derived from limited and depleting reserves of
crude oil and natural gas. These fossil fuels take millions of years to
regenerate. Primo is unique and more environmentally-friendly because
it is made from Ingeo(TM) natural plastic, the world’s first and only
performance plastic made from 100% annually renewable-resources.(1)
This plastic is also commonly known by its generic name, PLA
(polylactide). Primo water bottles are as durable as other water
bottles, but because they are manufactured from an annually-renewable
resource, they have less impact on the environment than other plastic
bottles. In fact, if all plastic PET bottles made from crude oil sold
today in the U.S. were instead made from Ingeo(TM) natural plastic,
Americans would save the equivalent of a billion gallons of gas each

Consumers will not only enjoy Primo for
its environmental benefits, but also for its great taste. In blind
taste tests conducted at the end of 2007 across the U.S., three out of
four consumers preferred Primo over the leading spring water and four
out of five preferred Primo over tap water.(3) In fact, Primo water was
enjoyed at the MusiCares(R) Person of the Year event, on the red carpet
and in the green room of the first “green” GRAMMY awards ceremony held
in Los Angeles on February 10th.

“We’re proud to
bring consumers a more environmentally-friendly bottled water,” said
Billy Prim, CEO of Primo Water Corporation. “Not only does Primo give
consumers the great taste, convenience, everyday price value and
availability that they’ve been looking for in a bottled water, it also
helps them to leave a better world for their children.”

Primo, consumers have told us they feel good twice; once for promoting
their own health by drinking more water and avoiding sugar, and twice,
for helping to preserve the precious and depleting resources of our
planet,” said Dave Burke, President and COO of Primo To Go.

will be sold in a multipack of eighteen 16.9 oz. bottles and will be
available nationally this spring in select leading retailers, including
all Kroger stores in April. Suggested retail price is $4.99.

About Primo Water Corporation

Water Corporation, a privately-held company based in Winston-Salem,
North Carolina, manufactures, markets, and services mineral enhanced
bottled water that meets both the convenience consumers seek and the
environmental benefits they desire. Today, three product lines make up
Primo Water Corporation’s portfolio. The first, introduced in June of
2005, offers three- and five-gallon Zero Waste bottles and an exchange
program that rewards consumers for recycling their bottles for refills.
The second, launched in April of 2008, is a new line of Energy Star
rated and stylish water coolers. And the third is a single-serve
bottled water, in a more-environmentally-friendly bottle made from
plants, not crude oil. According to blind taste tests, three out of
four consumers prefer Primo over the leading spring water and four out
of five prefer Primo over tap water. To learn more, visit .

  (1) Ingeo(TM) is a trademark of NatureWorks, LLC
  (2) According to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Environmental Benefits
      Calculator by Natureworks, LLC
  (3) Taste tests conducted by an independent contractor, Marketing
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