Plastic on the Outside, All Natural Inside!


ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., May 6 /PRNewswire/ —
The signature eye-catching graphics and brightly colored full shrink
label of FUZE’s iconic 18 ounce glass package are replicated in an
all-new 18.5 oz PET bottle. The aesthetic charm of the glass bottle
have been captured to allow consumers practicality, safety and
convenience in today’s “grab and go” culture.

“FUZE has pioneered indulgently healthy beverage concepts for our
consumers by combining the very best flavor and functional ingredients,
served up in award winning packaging. Our goal was to maintain consumer
satisfaction while not compromising the iconic shape and appeal of our
bottle,” said CMO of FUZE Beverage, Bill Meissner.

The FUZE PET bottles are the easiest and most common plastics to
recycle and are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PETE) and are
assigned the number 1. Once the plastic is processed by a recycling
facility, PETE can become fiberfill for winter coats, sleeping bags,
life jackets, other plastic bottles, etc.

The more portable packaging should increase usage occasions for
FUZE, as the PET containers are being introduced to areas more suited
to the attributes of plastic, such as schools, sporting events,
concerts, vending and outdoor venues, like beaches.

“I love the plastic bottles because they are lighter and I don’t
have to worry about them breaking when I’m traveling or at the gym,”
stated Harley Pasternak, creator and author of the New York Times Best
Seller, The 5-Factor Diet.

All eighteen flavors of FUZE products will be available, including
the Slenderize, Refresh, Tea and Vitalize platforms. The nutritious and
newly portable bottles will remain free of aspartame, preservatives and
high fructose corn syrup and will be available for an average suggested
retail price of $1.79.

Since 2001, FUZE Beverage, LLC has been reinventing beverage
industry standards by introducing non-carbonated drinks that are
“infuzed” with real health benefits and antioxidants without high
fructose corn syrup or aspartame. Visit for more information and your local market to get the great taste of FUZE. “Drink Positive. Do Positive.”