Winn Dixie celebrates Independence Day by liberating Consumers from oil-based bottled water


Winston Salem, NC, June 30, 2008 This week,
more than 500 Winn Dixie stores in the south and southeast, will celebrate a
new kind of Independence Day: America‘s
freedom from oil-based packaging.  Winn Dixie will introduce new Primo
water, the only single-serve water bottles in the U.S. made from plants, not crude
oil, a depleting natural resource.  Winn Dixie will celebrate the launch
by giving shoppers a free case of Primo water from July 2 through July 9 when
they buy a new Primo 3 or 5 gallon Zero Waste water bottle.  Winn Dixie is
the first in the nation to promote both of Primo’s more
environmentally-friendly water options together. 

are excited to partner with Winn Dixie on a program celebrating shoppers’
independence from oil-based packaging- much of which is made from foreign oil,”
said Dave Burke, president and COO of Primo To Go.  “Choosing Primo is a
simple step consumers can take to live a better life and improve the
environment around them while getting what they demand in bottled water, great
taste,” added Billy Prim, CEO of Primo Water.  “Consumers are excited
about a more convenient and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional
petroleum-based bottles that use rare, depleting and non-renewable resources.”

single-serve bottles are made from natural Ingeo ™ plastic made from plants
grown in America
This new packaging technology offers consumers a more environmentally-conscious
bottled water option without having to sacrifice convenience and
portability.  Primo single-serve bottles also offer consumers more options
when they are done with their water.  The bottles can be recycled through
traditional methods, sent to degrade in a commercial composting facility or
incinerated for energy recovery.  Primo 3 and 5 gallon Zero Waste water
bottles also provide a sustainable option because the consumer is incentivized
to return the empty bottle to the store where Primo picks it up, refills and reuses
the bottle.  When the bottle has reached its end use, the bottle is
recycled, forever avoiding the landfill.

single-serve bottled water is sold in a multi-pack of eighteen 16.9 oz. bottles
at a suggested retail price of $4.99.  
Primo 3 and 5 gallon Zero Waste water
bottles are available nationally for $4.99 and $6.99 respectively. 

About Primo Water

Water Corporation, a privately-held company based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina,
manufactures, markets, and services mineral enriched bottled water that meets
both the convenience consumers seek and the environmental benefits they
desire.  Today, three product lines make up Primo Water Corporation’s
portfolio.  The first, introduced in June of 2005, offers 3 and 5 gallon
Zero Waste bottles and an exchange program that rewards consumers for recycling
their bottles for refills.  The second, launched in April of 2008, is a
new line of Energy Star rated and stylish water coolers.  And the third is
a single-serve bottled water, in a more-environmentally-friendly bottle made
from plants, not crude oil.  According to blind taste tests, three out of
four consumers prefer Primo over the leading spring water and four out of five
prefer Primo over tap water.  To learn more, visit