American Blast Energy Drink is the Healthiest Energy Drink on the Market


June 24, 2008. New York, NY – American Blast Energy Drink offers a healthy energy drink that defies the norm and gives consumers a burst of energy with no negative side effects. Most energy drinks are notorious for containing high amounts of sugar and giving consumers a temporary boost followed by an unfavorable crash. American Blast contains low amounts of both sugar and sodium, which prevents any negative and no unhealthy changes. Due to American Blast’s kosher and all green certifications, the drink can be sold to all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

The energy drink’s recipe contains an abundance of essential multivitamins and nutrients including Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. American Blast uses a proprietary energy blend which is a trademarked ingredient that no other company in the country has rights to, and for convenience the drink comes in two sizes: 2 oz. and 250ml. The 2 oz. serving of American Blast has five calories, and no sugars. The larger size, is carbonated and sweetened, and can be used as a beverage or drink mixer. Due to its versatility, the drink can be used from morning to evening and before a night out, a work out or other vigorous activities.

With the outer display made from recycled paper board and printed with soy ink, the American Blast energy drink is environmentally conscious with earth friendly packaging and container materials, as well as bottles made of plastic.

In order to meet the unique needs and requirements of the consumer, American Blast products can be customized with a private label or company logo, along with the American Blast label, which can be a useful promotional tool for fundraisers, events, etc. Currently, American Blast has contracts with casinos, nightclubs and parks. This American made energy drink will be sold to convenience stores, pharmacies and beverage distributors all over the country.

American Blast Energy Drink will be available everywhere July 4th.