Jolt Energy launches world’s first 16oz re-sealable cap can


ROCHESTER, NY, JULY, 2008 – Wet Planet Beverages delivers more innovation beginning August 1st Jolt Energy will initiate a national roll-out of the revolutionary 16oz re-sealable cap can!  The popular 16oz size represents nearly 60% of all energy drink sales, thus providing Jolt Energy broader consumer appeal. 

Jolt is refreshment energy.  Simply said – good tasting energy.  Jolt Energy is available in 7 delicious flavors.  Each flavor contains a generous dose of stimulating ingredients, including with Taurine, Ginseng, Guarana, Vitamin B Complex.and of course Caffeine!   CJ Rapp, President of Wet Planet Beverages, said “Jolt is not just a means to an end.  You no longer have to suffer through the taste to get the desired affect.  Jolt Energy delivers an enjoyable, effective, and long lasting energy experience.” 

Energizing the planet since 1985, Jolt was the first ever exhilarating beverage.  Jolt was the first beverage to recognize contemporary lifestyles were busier than any generation prior.  People are working longer and playing harder! Occasional exhaustion comes as a result.  So there was a need for a exhilarating beverage.

In 2006, Jolt made headlines with their inventive 23.5oz re-sealable aluminum bottle.  Tastefully packaged in seven multi-colored bottles, Jolt Energy easily stands out to consumers.  The re-sealable cap is user-friendly and allows hours of carbonated energy, unlike the competition who fall flat after opening. 

Jolt Energy’s price per value is unmatched.  With a target price of $2.39, Jolt Energy hits its consumers with nearly 2,200mg of active ingredients in the FIRST re-sealable 16oz.  

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