Power Trip Beverages announces new ‘Vitamin Energy’ shots


DAVIE, Fla. – July 31, 2008 -Power Trip® Beverages (www.powertripbev.com), a recognized leader in bringing flavored, vitamin enhanced and great tasting energy products to distributors, retailers and consumers, today announced it has introduced Power Trip Vitamin Energy Shots to the national market. The 2 ounce, flavored energy shots are loaded with vitamins and contain some of the highest concentrations of vitamins C and B in the industry. In addition to offering superior vitamin formulations, what’s just as important is what the Power Trip Energy Shots don’t have. With no sugar and no carbs, the Power Trip Energy Shots are a great way to provide a quick boost of energy without unnecessary calories, sugar or carbs. Also unique to the industry is that the Power Trip Energy Shots will be produced in 12 bottle trays that are completely shrink wrapped, one of the only energy shots in the industry packaged this way, making them easier to handle and reducing breakage and other storage and delivery issues.

“We are excited to bring this new and markedly different product to the market, expect it to be a strong performer and are confident it will expand the appeal of the category,” said Doug Stuart, Power Trip® Beverage’s president. “We have worked hard to bring the same flavored vitamin energy expertise we have demonstrated in our energy drinks to our energy shot and we believe our business partners will see a real opportunity with our product. Even the way we’ve created our shrink wrapped package is more “friendly” than the rest of the field and should lend itself to quick acceptance from distributors and retailers.”

The Vitamin Energy Shot announcement comes on the heels of the recent news that Power Trip® Beverage’s energy drinks are available in more than 300 Piggly Wiggly stores in Alabama and Georgia with expansion of Power Trip into four more states including Texas, New Mexico, New Jersey and Illinois.

Power Trip® Beverages, Inc. is a South Florida-based company that has become one of the fastest growing energy drink companies in the country. Recognized as a flavored vitamin energy specialist, the company offers a line-up of four energy drinks – Original Blue, Mango, Power Trip “0”and The Extreme – made from the highest quality ingredients designed to rival or exceed the current market leaders. Power Trip® energy drinks are more vitamin-packed than any of the other leading energy drinks on the market today. Power Trip® Beverage products are currently available in 16 states including New York, Florida and California, and sold via the web at www.amazon.com and www.powertripbev.com. In addition, Power Trip products are available internationally throughout the Caribbean and the Middle East. By the end of this year, the company projects that its reach will span 25 states and 6 additional international markets bringing the total to 12 countries.
For more information on Power Trip® Beverages, its various sponsorships and promotional and sampling tours in a specific region and the company’s complete product lineup, visit www.powertripbev.com.