American Beverage Corporation launches two Disney themed kid-friendly, good-for-you single serve juice drinks


Pittsburgh – American Beverage Corporation proudly introduces two proprietary new, kid-friendly drink alternatives this September – Wall E Ice Bop juice slushies and High School Musical fruit drinks. Both products are all-naturally flavored, use no preservatives, are under 110 calories, and are rich in antioxidants appealing to consumers looking for healthier drink alternatives for their children.

Wall E Ice Bops are an innovative product that offers the excitement of frozen fruit slushies at home, at a picnic, beach or the park without the hassle of a blender. They come in a convenient pouch and are made with 50% juice, are all naturally flavored, naturally low in calories, high in antioxidants and contain no preservatives providing a more confident choice for parents of kids on the go. The introduction of Wall E Ice Bops precedes the DVD release of Disney Pixar’s “Wall E”, an endearing robot space adventure filled with humor, action and lots of heart. Wall E Ice Bops are available in four flavors – Space Station Strawberry, Tropical Sunshower, Meteor Mixed Berry and Lunar Lemonade – that appeal primarily to children between the ages of three and eight.

The new High School Musical fruit drink is a line of single-serve, naturally flavored fruit drinks in an 8 oz. proprietary Disney ears PET bottle that are also designed to offer parents a healthier drink choice for their children. This fruit drink line carries the widely popular Disney High School Musical branding and appeals primarily to children between nine and twelve years old. High School Musical will be available in three flavors – Reach for Melon Peach,, Big Game Lemon Berry, and East High Fruit Punch. All three flavors are made with 50% juice, 100% Vitamin C, are fortified with vitamins B and E and contain no preservatives. They have just 60 calories per 8 oz. serving.

“This collaboration with Disney allows us to showcase our core strengths – commitment to innovation, consumer satisfaction, and superior quality,” said Tim Barr, Marketing Director for American Beverage Corporation, “Ice Bops and High School Musical enable us to provide delicious and good for you beverages that kids will love, and parents will approve of.

To promote both the Wall E Ice Bops and High School Musical fruit drink products in stores, American Beverage Corporation will offer a retailer friendly half pallet display program. The shoppable pallet that carries the Disney Wall E and High School Musical branding can be used to display four-packs of the Wall E Ice Bops or six packs of High School Musical and comes with case cards to dress up the display. An under-the-cap promotion will be in place on all High School Musical bottles to promote the new product line. New websites will be launched where consumers can obtain additional product information and learn how to participate in the promotion. Thousands of prizes will be available for kids to claim along with the chance to collect and win.

Wall E Ice Bops will retail for a suggested price of $3.49 for a four-pack. Twist ‘n’ Chill will retail for a suggested price of $3.79 per six pack.

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Wall E Ice Bops and High School Musical products are manufactured by American Beverage Corporation. ABC, a diversified non-carbonated beverage company, is part of the multi-billion dollar Dutch food group Royal Wessanen.