Next Generation Waters Launches in Florida


MIAMI, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Next Generation Waters (NGW) launches a brand new refreshing and innovative functional water in Southern Florida. After two and a half years of perfecting the product, packaging and distribution network, NGW has infiltrated the South Florida market with several functional waters. The four distinctive waters contain enhanced flavors and supplements that provide specific benefits to men and women that actually make you feel different.

Next Generation Waters offers individuals the opportunity to sharpen and relax their minds, shape their bodies and boost their performance at home, work and in the bedroom.

* If you’re lethargic, tired… Kick Water — infused with energy; water that provides a physical and mental boost without the calories or jitters associated with typical energy drinks

* If you’re stressed, anxious… Chill Water — infused with relaxants; water that provides natural stress relief without the side effect of drowsiness

* If you’re trying to eat less and lose weight… Thin Water — infused with appetite suppressants; water that helps to curb appetite and promote healthy cholesterol and serotonin levels

* If you’re looking to improve the party… Hot Water — infused with sensuality; water that is blended with natural herbal aphrodisiacs to boost your sex life

Miami entrepreneur and co-founder of Next Generation Waters, Art Massolo, worked in the beverage business for the past 17 years. Massolo’s global wine trading company, Big Hug Corporation, provides bulk, private label and branded wines to its partners on six continents. Recently, Big Hug expanded its Chinese distribution of wine to over 400 wholesalers.

Massolo is aware the water world is vastly different from the wine business, but he believes Next Generation Waters will break the mold from its competing brands with its unique shape, enticing taste and superior functionality.

“We wanted to produce a healthy alternative that creates the same effectiveness as a supplement or prescription,” said Massolo. “The products are all natural, very low in calories and made by wine-making standards, taking flavor into full account.”

Next Generation Waters is a member of 1% For the Planet. Through 1%, Next Generation Waters supports WaterAid, an organization that aims to overcome poverty by enabling the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. To learn more about how WaterAid will provide clean water and sanitation to 2 million people in the next year, visit: