Hydro One announces Bode Heart Health beverage


Hydro One Premium Beverages is proud to announce an addition to their all natural, functional, healthy line of beverages, Böde Heart Health loaded with the flavor of Acai Blueberry. Böde Heart Health was introduced into all Fresh Markets during the last week of September and is already a favorite among their health conscious consumers.

Böde Heart Health is an all natural beverage that contains essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants formulated to reduce your risk of heart disease .

Böde Heart Health’s formula is loaded with many key ingredients such as:

Plant Sterols

Grape Seed Extract

Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract

Pure Acai known as Nature’s Own Super fruit

Folic Acid


Founders and Developers of Hydro One Premium Beverages, Dr. Baban and Dr. Fields stated “The combination we have perfected has been proven to lower LDL cholesterol concentrations which can lead to a reduction in heart disease risk of 25 %.” Also this formula may help to prevent heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases.

The heart is the most important muscle in your body and it follows the same rules as any other muscle. A healthy heart must be worked and fed to maintain its health. Folic acid and magnesium control the heartbeat and help to relax the heart muscle. With the correct balance of magnesium the heart beats in a consistent manner. If you have a deficiency of magnesium the heartbeat becomes inconsistent which can contribute to health problems. Since your heart is a muscle, it can go into a spasm, go stiff and cramp just like a normal muscle except a spasm or cramp will cause the heart to stop beating for a second, called a mild heart attack or it can cramp, quit beating and lead to more dangerous actions including death.

If your heart can maintain healthy levels of our ingredients, along with exercise, a healthy diet regiment and a healthy lifestyle your heart will maintain healthy functions. Our Böde Heart Health is perfect for you with no sodium, no caffeine, low carbohydrates, low sugar and only 10 calories per serving.

So enjoy our Böde Heart Health to hydrate and supplement your healthy lifestyle because you only get one Böde and what are you doing with yours.