Shadow Beverages and snacks partners with Ironclad Performance Wear Corporation to launch the company’s first functional drink


TEMPE, AZ, October 14, 2009 – Shadow Beverages and Snacks, a brand innovation and development company specializing in the functional food and beverage category, has partnered with Ironclad Performance Wear Corporation, the leading manufacturer of premium work gloves in the US, to introduce Ironclad Energy & Hydration. Developed by leading scientists as a fatigue fighting supplement with electrolyte replenishing ingredients specially formulated for the “Industrial Athlete,” the beverage is a hybrid between a sports and energy drink. Offered in three flavors, Triple Citrus, Goji Berry and sugar-free Black and Blue with Black Currant, Ironclad comes in a 16 ounce can retailing for $2.39 per can, and is available in select US markets.

“For the past few years, I had been considering launching a beverage brand to expand the Ironclad name among our key demographic audience,” commented Ed Jaeger, Founder, Ironclad Performance Wear Corporation. “When I was approached by Shadow with the idea of creating an extension for Ironclad in the functional beverage category, I was impressed with the Company’s business philosophy and approach to brand building. Shadow’s idea of creating a beverage customized to the ‘Industrial Athlete’ was strategically focused on Ironclad’s core blue collar consumer, and was a natural way to evolve Ironclad’s brand awareness.”

“With the development and introduction of Ironclad Energy & Hydration, we saw an opportunity to reward the blue collar worker. In a sense, we are ‘glorifying the un-glorified.’ The blue collar worker is the most under-utilized, under-rewarded and under-targeted audience providing a tremendous business opportunity for both Ironclad and Shadow while fulfilling a legitimate consumer need,” said Sam Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Shadow Beverages and Snacks.

The launch of Ironclad Energy & Hydration will be supported by an unprecedented on-pack marketing continuity program called “Collect the Hammer Tabs,” whereby consumers collect the Ironclad Energy hammer tabs and redeem them for free Ironclad gear. Additionally, there will be a Bottler Program as well as in-store merchandising and point-of-sale items.

About Shadow Beverages and Snacks, LLC

Founded in 2008 by two longtime beverage industry executives, Shadow Beverages and Snacks designs, develops and markets beverage and snack products in the functional food and beverage category. The range of services offered by Shadow includes Brand Activation (innovation, research and marketing) and Brand Logistics (operations, distribution and sales). The Company’s mission is to provide innovative business solutions to partners by providing brand extensions and margin enhancements through the creation of customized functional food and beverage products. For more information about Shadow Beverages and Snacks, please visit For more information about Ironclad Energy & Hydration, please visit

About Ironclad Performance Wear Corporation

Ironclad, which created the performance work glove category in 1998, continues to lead the construction, industrial and sports markets in innovation, advanced materials and design. Ironclad designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive line of task-specific gloves and performance fabric apparel available at a variety of retailers nationwide, and in Australia, Canada, and Japan. For more information, please visit