Function Drinks unveils new packaging design at NACS


Las Vegas, NV – October 21, 2009 – As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation, Function Drinks has unveiled their new packaging design today at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) convention in Las Vegas, NV (booth #1129.) The new design gives increased prominence to the brand’s created-by-physician messaging, key functional platforms, and the technical and advanced ingredients contained in the dietary supplement formulations.

“We are committed to leading the beverage industry with the most innovative ingredients and functional platforms available on the market,” said Dayton Miller, Function Drinks Co-Founder & CEO. “Our latest packaging design is a more effective external reflection of the premium science and technology inside the bottle.”

“We are always looking for new ways to communicate the efficacy and innovation of our functional platforms,” said Function Drinks Co-Founder & Head of Marketing, Josh Simon, who led the re-design efforts with his internal branding team. “Our new packaging design makes it easier for consumers to understand the technology behind our functional platforms, the science that goes into every drink, and the premium nature of the brand.”

Central to the new design is the transition to a shrink-wrap label. The wrap, which covers a significant portion of the bottle, provides more space to display a larger “Created By Physicians” seal, explain key ingredients, is less oxygen permeable, and increases the level of protection against UV sources. The new label maintains the well-established black and green color scheme while also assigning specific colors for each functional platform name, allowing for ease of both merchandising by retailers and drink selection by consumers.

Function Drinks’ new packing will launch nationwide in early 2010.

About the company:

In 2004 during his surgical training, Dr. Alex Hughes discovered that with the right technical capabilities he could incorporate powerful all natural ingredients used everyday in hospitals into drinks with extraordinary functionality. Alex partnered with his longtime friends, Dayton Miller and Josh Simon, to create a drink line that represents a marriage between mainstream clinical science and beverages.

Today, each beverage in the Function line is a piece of intellectual property, and each formula has multiple patents applied or patents pending. The innovation and ambition of the company secures Function’s place at the vanguard of functional beverages. As consumers turn to products with proven relevant functionality, this category has outpaced all others in the beverage industry. Function Drinks is both defining the category and leading the way.