Good Vibes for You launches U.S. spring water with 7.7 pH in biodegrable bottles

Beginning in December of 2009, Good Vibes for You is launching a U.S. bottled water with a pH of 7.7 using biodegradable & recyclable bottles. As an Australian company, GVFY initially imported its water bottled at a certified organic spring in New South Wales. Today, GVFY has partnered with a U.S. spring and bottling plant that is equal to, and in some cases surpasses, the quality, consistency, and sustainability of its original Australian source.

With a newly refined logo and sleek bottle shape, Good Vibes for You in the United States is poised to stand out against other premium brands. Its naturally alkaline spring water rivals leading competitors in purity and taste. Additionally, the new bottles are made of plastic that is simultaneously biodegradable and recyclable.

Initial sizes and case combinations are as follows: 500ml (24/case) and 1L (12/case). Currently shrink wrapped in cardboard flats (all materials recyclable), the brand will be expanding into decorative boxes for durability and endcap display purposes by January 2010.