Kronik Energy Comes Roaring Back With A “Vengence”

Phoenix, AZ (Dec 2, 2009) – Looking to build on the overwhelming success of its original “Blue Citrus” energy drink, Kronik Energy® is proud to introduce its newest flavor: “VENGENCE” available in late December.

Founded in 2003, Kronik Energy® has always been known for some extremely drinkable beverages, and Kronik® “Vengence” is no exception. Available in both Regular (sugared) and Low-Carb varieties, “Vengence” has a traditional energy flavor that is both chug-able and delicious. Both varieties contain a full helping of Kronik’s top tier energy blend consisting of B-Vitamins, nutritional supplements and herbal ingredients. All of Kronik’s Low-Carb drinks contain additional supplements that help boost your metabolism and provide appetite suppression*.

“As the original alternative energy flavor, we are proud of the reputation we’ve established, and the brand loyalty Kronik Blue Citrus has developed in the past 6 years,” said, James Gabriele, VP of Operations for KroniCo LLC., the makers of Kronik Energy®. “While our current line of products remains extremely popular, we are confident that Kronik® customers will enjoy the delicious taste and energy boost they receive from the new “Vengence” flavor. We will continue to develop additional flavors in the future, so our loyal customers have a wide variety of Kronik Energy® options to choose from.”

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.