HyDrive signs world’s fastest cyclist Sam Whittingham as “spokes”person


RYE, NY, February 23, 2009 – HYDRIVE Energy announced today that they have signed Sam Whittingham to be the “spokes”person for their enhanced water energy drink brand.

Whittingham holds the world record in speed cycling and is known internationally as the “fastest self-powered man in the world,” traveling 82.3 miles per hour on a flat course at the World Human-Powered Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada in September 2008. Whittingham will be featured in the HYDRIVE outdoor, print, POS, and web campaign that is slated to break in March.

“HYDRIVE gives me the energy I need and has just the right mix of taste, hydration and healthful ingredients,” says Sam Whittingham. “I love that it’s delicious, has only 30 calories and does not give me the jitters. I can drink it and be fast!”

“HYDRIVE’s line of energy drinks is all about giving people a healthier way to get energy,” says Brian O’Byrne CEO of HYDRIVE Energy LLC. “We are thrilled that a premier athlete like Sam Whittingham, the fastest cyclist in the world, loves and drinks our product. We know he will help us spread the word.”

HYDRIVE’s enhanced water energy drinks have just 30 calories per bottle (6 grams of sugar), and are designed to deliver energy without the jitters. There are five flavors in the line-up, all designed with formulas to deliver healthier energy: A – Alertness Formula, S – Strength Formula, V – Vitamin Formula, X – Antioxidant Formula and E – Electrolyte Formula. The drinks are all non-carbonated and come in a resealable 15.5 oz proprietary bottle with a bold and colorful label design.

HYDRIVE ENERGY LLC was founded in 2006 by beverage executives Mike Weinstein (former CEO Snapple Beverages) and Brian O’Byrne (former CEO Yoo-hoo/Orangina). The company is headquartered in Rye, N.Y. and is focused on bringing healthier energy products to market. For more information, visit www.hydriveenergy.com.

About Sam Whittingham:
In addition to being the fastest self-powered man, holding the world record for traveling 82.3 miles per hour on a bicycle, Sam Whittingham lives on Quadra Island, British Columbia where he is the founder, designer and builder for Naked Bicycles, a custom bicycle and accessory fabrication company. Whittingham won the President’s Award, the People’s Choice Award and the Best of Show Award at the 2008 North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Portland, Oregon with an ornate fixed-gear bicycle that blended 1890s-style wooden rims and grips with modern hubs and a front disk brake. Whittingham started out as a stage set designer and then turned his love of “going really fast” into a career of breaking speed records and making bikes. Sam Whittingham is the grandson of screenwriter Jack Whittingham, who wrote the first James Bond screenplay.