Former Big Geyser CEO joins Venga

Delray Beach, FL-(March 5, 2009)-What’s next for a former Big Geyser Inc. CEO who’s already helped develop brands like Vitamin Water, Mystic and Fuze? For industry giant Harold Baron it’s developing go-to-market strategies and providing expert advice and counsel to fast-growing Beverage Innovations and its Venga, functional infusions brand.

Beverage Innovations, Inc., makers of TeaWAVE® Smoothies, Tropics® 100% Natural Infusions and Island Rose® teas, and a leader in the premium, upscale functional beverage market with customers in over 30 countries on 5 continents, today announced that Harold Baron has joined its Board of Directors and will also serve as Executive Vice President of DSD Strategy for Venga. In his role, Mr. Baron will draw on decades of experience in the beverage business to provide guidance for Beverage Innovations in such areas as DSD development, brand strategy, business and key partner development and provide general counsel for the entire Beverage Innovations enterprise.

“I’m excited to take on an active role with Beverage Innovations and look forward to working with what I deem to be a very energetic, bright and enthusiastic team,” said Harold Baron. “I think Venga has huge potential with its atractive packaging, quality ingredients and excellent taste. With the great product and talent available in this organization, I am confident there are big things ahead for the brand.”

“There’s no substitute for experience and that’s what Harold Baron has more of than virtually anyone in the business and now Beverage Innovations gets the benefit of that experience,” said Marc Lange, Managing Partner of Beverage Innovations. “While Harold will be focusing on growing Venga, his knowledge will help our entire business including our food service products as well. We’re fortunate to have him on board.”

Venga is a truly functional, premium beverage that combines antioxidant rich teas with 100 percent natural and exotic fruit juices, vitamins and nutraceuticals in a preservative-free, great tasting blend. Venga is a ready-to-drink, non-carbonated beverage that comes in six (6) distinct flavors/functions to help consumers achieve their goals, perform their best and relax. These functions include Energize, Daily Dose, Rehydrate, Calorie Burn, Brainstorm and Health Zen. With no HFCS’s, no preservatives and bursting with all the good stuff mother nature has to offer.and a little more.Venga delivers the nutritional and functional benefits consumers desire in a great tasting blend of exotic fruit flavors and teas.

Harold Baron has spent his entire professional career in the beverage industry. Prior to his 15 years with Big Geyser Inc. in New York, he was in the wine business as a supplier, importer and retailer. He got his start with Budweiser in Florida.

About Beverage Innovations, Inc.

Beverage Innovations, Inc. offers specialty beverage solutions to world class customers in 30 countries on 5 continents, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, South Korea and Australia. Beverage Innovations markets and sells upscale beverages under its own brands Tropics®, Venga®, Villagio®, TeaWAVE®, and Island Rose® teas.