FEVER to Heat Up Polar Beverages

April 16th, 2009, West Conshohocken, PA – Fever, the all-natural, flavor-packed beverage that stimulates body wellness, continues to heat up the functional beverage category by solidifying a major distribution deal with Polar Beverages, the largest independent soft-drink bottler in the United States.

Launching three new flavors and introducing new packaging in this high-growth category, Fever is thrilled to revamp its brand and offer 100% all-natural, organically-sourced beverages featuring a proprietary blend to stimulate the body’s senses, enhance body wellness, and provide feelings of pleasure and euphoria.

Introducing Kiwi + Strawberry, Pineapple + Coconut, and Mango + Banana, the three new flavor combinations blend the benefits of each fruit ingredient to create a sweet, sexy and healthy mix of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. For example, Pineapple + Coconut combines the vitamin-rich pineapple fruit with the disease-combating properties of coconut, while Mango + Banana is high in iron, potassium-rich and contains anti-cancer properties, making for a refreshing and functional beverage unlike anything else on the market.

“The functional beverage category offers endless opportunities for beverages to do more than just hydrate and energize,'” said Delmond Newton, President and CEO of Fever Beverage USA. “Fever is not an energy drink. It is an all-natural, proprietary formula that stimulates the body and provides a sense of euphoria, while also providing a natural source of energy through Green Tea.”

With the introduction of the new flavors, and extended distribution through Polar Beverages, Fever will pioneer a new growth segment in the functional beverage category. Available in 14-ounce aluminum canisters, Fever is both a standalone drink and a mixer for your favorite vodka, rum or tequila.

A natural source of energy, Fever is rich in antioxidants and acts as a detoxifying beverage. Fever contains ingredients ranging from the well-known Green Tea Caffeine to Glycarin™, one of Fever’s proprietary ingredients, which is an all-natural, antioxidant-rich, phyto-aphrodisiac, developed as a result of the latest scientific research into male and female performance and well-being, shown to promote healthy bones.

Additional information on Fever Stimulation Beverage can be obtained from the website at http://www.FeverUSA.com.

About Fever Stimulation Beverage

Fever is a 100% all-natural, non-carbonated stimulation beverage that offers numerous health benefits and enhances body wellness. A natural source of energy, Fever is rich in antioxidants and acts as a detoxifying beverage, while providing an overall feeling of euphoria and pleasure. Fever also balances the Central Nervous System and enhances Libido. Fever is a functional beverage focused on “Making Healthy Sexy” through a combination of delicious flavors and a scientifically blended mix of herbs designed to stimulate the body.

About Polar Beverages

Polar Beverages, the country’s largest independent soft-drink bottler, is a fourth-generation, family-owned business that traces its roots back to 1882. Polar Beverages began as the J. G. Bieberbach Company, which bottled seltzers, ginger ale and imported mineral water and was also a wholesaler of alcoholic beverages in Worcester, Massachusetts. Changes in the United States greatly impacted Polar’s business in the 1920’s when the 18th Amendment was added to The Constitution of the United States, prohibiting the sale of alcohol, and forcing Polar to focus on its ginger ale and spring water. In 1933, when the 18th Amendment was nullified, the company resumed its liquor business as “rectifiers and wholesalers,” while remaining focused on soft drinks and spring water, where it continues today.