A New fruit juice drink loved by kids and parents alike?


It’s a common dilemma that parents are constantly struggling to find something as a snack or reward that their kids will like but that is also good for them, yet too often many parents surrender to “Pester power” and give in to buying chips or candy to “reward” them or just keep them quiet. BOOWL SURPRISE is poised to put an end to this age old problem by offering parents a unique and simple solution.

Boowl Surprise is a brand new product line of flavored juice drinks with an added BONUS. each cleverly designed bottle contains 11oz of fruit juice drink PLUS a surprise TOY hidden in the top.

All a parent or kid has to do is “POP THE TOP” and inside each bottle character’s top hat is a colorful wristband.

The wristbands are all part of a collection of 15 different versions, designed separately for boys and girls. These are sure to become the talk of the schoolyard and a “Must Have” collection for your kids and their friends..

Boowl Surprise has built a loyal following in Europe and is poised to repeat that success here in the U.S.

As Boowl Americas CEO Rick Parano commented “Boowl products have enjoyed great consumer acceptance in Europe and sales are really taking off. We hope to emulate this success here in the U.S. Our products represent the unique value proposition of a Fun package, a healthy drink and a collectable Toy all in one. There’s nothing like this in the U.S.”

Boowl Surprise will be launching across the USA, starting spring 2009 in the Florida So East markets and expanding from there. This product line is aimed at children ages 4-10 and will benefit from comprehensive targeted marketing and sales support programs designed to drive trial and awareness. These programs will include innovative on the ground “Guerilla” marketing, regional media, sampling programs and in-store support activities and kids group sponsorships.

The U.S. Boowl Surprise product line currently consists of 4 popular flavors, Fruit punch, Strawberry-Kiwi, Grape and Lemon Ice each in a Boy or Girl character label. Boowl Surprise drinks are made with all natural ingredients, using NO artificial flavors, colors or Preservatives. They contain 20% real fruit juice and 5 added vitamins. Boowl Surprise is lower in sugar and calories than the national brands and uses natural cane sugar instead of HFC to sweeten our products. Our bottles are resealable for cleanliness, storage, portability and are made from safe recyclable PET. The collection of wristbands are good quality, very durable, washable, safe for kids to handle and made from a safe PVC blend that does not contain lead or Phthalates.

Boowl U.S. products are available in an eye catching , brightly colored counter top tray or a 36 bottle display shipper