Tranquila announces 2 oz. relaxation shots


 Tranquila is line of two-ounce “Relaxation Shots” that provide instant stress relief and are a hot new entrant in the functional beverage category. Offered in daytime and nighttime formulas, the zero calorie/zero carbohydrate drinks are packaged in stylish single-serving containers and feature a refreshing green tea-lemon flavor that was crafted by one of the leading designers of alternative beverages. Free samples of Tranquila are available at

“Our market research revealed that consumers are over-caffeinated, stressed out and looking for a way to slow down and focus,” says Serge Karnegie, President of Vitila Brands, the developer of Tranquila. “We all have a lot on our minds these days and it’s easy to feel wound-up and jittery towards the end of the workday or before bed. Tranquila Relaxation Shots provide immediate anxiety relief and are a safe, healthy way to shift gears and relax.”

Tranquila Original and Tranquila PM retail for under $3 and are created from a proprietary blend of herbal extracts, vitamins and natural flavors. The Original blend is designed for daytime use and the PM blend adds gentle ingredients that help users relax into a restful sleep.

“We are all so accustomed to turning to caffeine and sugar in the afternoon for a quick rush,” adds Karnegie. “In these crazy times, we need to find a way to work smarter-and that doesn’t always mean faster.”

About Tranquila

Tranquila is a relaxation beverage that combats stress and anxiety. Packaged in convenient two-ounce Relaxation Shots, Tranquila improves mood and supports a healthy immune system. For additional information contact Vitila Brands LLC at (888) 484-8452 or

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