Ski Launches New Package Design through “What’s Next for Ski? YOU Decide.” Campaign.

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee, May 20, 2008-Starting next month, Ski Citrus Soda will ask consumers to vote online for the next Ski package design through the “What’s Next for Ski? YOU Decide.” promotion, running June 30 through August 31.

During the months of July and August, Ski cans and 20-ounce packages will feature four new designs, all with a different theme. The new designs bring a bold new look to the Ski brand and include contemporary graphics and vibrant packaging. Consumers can go online to and cast their vote for their favorite design beginning June 30.

Recently, Ski fans have expressed a desire to see something new for the brand. Ski fans spoke. Double-Cola listened. “The “What’s Next for Ski? YOU Decide.” promotion reflects the company’s commitment to its customers,” says Gina McCommon, Director of Marketing for Double-Cola. “Ski drinkers are very loyal and enthusiastic about the brand. It’s their drink and we want them to play a part in the new design.”


The company expects the new design to be finalized in early September with a full roll out by the end of the month. Diet Ski, Cherry Ski and Caffeine-Free Ski packaging will also be updated to reflect the consumers’ decision and are expected to be in the market during the 4th quarter.

For more information on the “What’s Next for Ski? YOU Decide.” campaign, how to vote, and official rules, visit

About Ski

Ski is a product of Chattanooga, TN based Double-Cola Co.-USA. Refreshing consumers since 1956, Ski is a citrus soda made with real lemon and orange juices. Double-Cola Company also manufactures and markets several other brands including Double-Cola, Jumbo, and Chaser, as well as many other international products.