Mad Dog Energy Products Now Available in New Jersey

PRLog (Press Release) – May 03, 2009 – Mad Dog is known for their industry leading energy products, 2 ounce energy shots and bite sized chews which deliver the same amount of caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee in a variety of delicious flavors. Mad Dog revolutionized the energy product industry by creating 6 unique flavors for their energy shots and 4 equally tasty flavors for their bite sized energy chews.

Mad Dog Energy Shots contain a nutritious blend of vitamins, enzymes and herbs crafted to produce an energy boost in as little as five-minutes that lasts at least six hours. The energy shot raises alertness without over-stimulating or causing a jittery or anxious feeling. The energy boost lasts at least 6-hours and does not produce a ‘crash’ or ‘energy dive’ effect common with most caffeine or sugar laden products. Six flavors are available. The shot retails for about $3.00.

Mad Dog Energy Chews are another exceptional energy product for the same quick, clean long-lasting energy boost with no peaks and valleys associated with coffee and traditional canned energy drinks. This proprietary blend of energy generating ingredients – B vitamins, taurine and caffeine – supplies the same amount of energy as a brewed cup of coffee. Four flavors are available. Chews can be sold as part of their unique vending program, $.50 per chew, or in retail packages of 6 which sell for about $2.99.

NJ businesses who would like to offer the Mad Dog energy products in their location can contact Edward Albert of ELA Distributions at 732.433.3797 or

More information on Mad Dog is available online at