Boowl Americas introduces BOOWL SURPRISE to the U.S.


Boowl Americas has launched its new “BOOWL SURPRISE” products this month in the U.S.

BOOWL SURPRISE is a unique and patented kid’s product. We are hot filled, all natural kids drink that contains 20% juice, 5 added Vitamins and NO Preservatives. BOOWL SURPRISE uses only all natural flavors and colors and natural cane sugar instead of HFC. It comes in 4 Flavors: Grape, Lemon Ice, Strawberry & Kiwi and Fruit Punch with more flavors on the way!

The Uniqueness of BOOWL SURPRISE comes with its patented packaging. The 11oz bottle is round with a special “top hat” attached and under that “top hat” is a high quality collectable toy! Each flavor comes in a boy or girl label with a toy to match!

BOOWL SURPRISE adds life to a kids beverage category filled with “me too” tetras, pouches and waters. Our unique and fun packaging is an instant hit with kids and our attention to quality details allows Moms & Dads everywhere to approve our products.

BOOWL SURPRISE was launched in the Florida Market and is available in over 500 outlets to date. “Our consumer reception has been great! People love it when they see it!” You can find out more about BOOWL SURPRISE from our website at BOOWL.COM

Boowl Americas is a subsidiary of Boowl AG Headquartered in Zurich. Boowl AG is 3 years old and operates throughout Europe and is sold in the majority of major retailers. This year in Germany, our “Boowl Magic” products have been named “Kids Product of the Year”. Boowl AG Chairman and Founder, Lionel Wolberg resides in Paris and has an active role in all operations. His motto is “Happy & Healthy Kids!”