“Combine” To Compete In Sports Drink Market


The very competitive category of sports drinks is getting set to add yet another player, Combine Drinks, Inc. is set to introduce a brand that will compete with the current market leaders in the fight to become your sports drink of choice.

Combine Drinks is proud to announce the launch of Combine Sports Drink. Though the products are new, the name isn’t. The name Combine lends itself well for products of this type.

Today there are athletic combines held in all sports including football, basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, hockey and even golf. Most noted of all combines is the annual NFL Combine which makes reference to the NFL draft.

“We are not only banking on the products functions and good taste but also on the familiarity and exposure of the products name” says company President of Operations Scott Abramson. “There are athletic combines and sports camps held for kids starting at age 7 all the up to adult. Combine is a great product for use before, during or after athletics or any type of physical activities. The name gives us great exposure and will generate a great demand for the products” says Abramson, “Our tagline is exactly what we do, We Re-hydrate The Nation”.

The Combine products will be available in 4 different new flavors and available in stores in July.

For more information please visit us at www.thecnation.com