Nutrisoda Launches Fresh Flavors And New Packaging; Targets Minneapolis/St. Paul And San Diego Markets


MINNEAPOLIS – Nutrisoda is again setting out to make change. The first-of-its-kind soda has reformulated its flavors and increased its can size in order to bring “hubbly” goodness to the people. In Minneapolis/St. Paul and San Diego, Nutrisoda will be hosting tasting stations in order to tempt and entice the target to try a soda that is better in so many ways.

“This next-generation soda opens up many doors for many more people,” said Richard Wilson, President and General Manager of Ardea Beverage Company. “We’re offering four reformulated and unique flavors, and we plan to create a fizz in the soda world. People have been asking for different soda options, and with Nutrisoda we’re providing just that.”

Consumers can learn more about Nutrisoda at <> . Media can see campaign elements at


Nutrisoda means nutritious soda. To some it’s a clever oxymoron, to all it’s now a reality. Nutrisoda has no sugar, aspartame, or sodium, so it’s easy to drink freely; without regret, or guilt. This soda has brought vitamins and leading-edge nutrients to the table. It helps ward off colds, increase focus, calm an addled brain, or just provide a nice bit of extra energy.

“This revolutionary product tastes great and it’s better for you,” said Wilson. “With 11 vitamins and nutrients, we want to make it easier for people to make healthy choices in the soft drink category, and have a little fun while doing so. We will continue to help our consumers promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

Nutrisoda now comes in four flavors: Focus – a black cherry and apple blend made with ginseng helps with concentration; Calm – a wild berry and citron blend helps calm the senses; Immune – a tangerine and lime blend gives the body what it needs to ward of illness; and Energy – a mandarin flavored variety has taurine to give the body a boost.

Nutrisoda has evolved from its former 8.4 oz can to the new 12 oz can. The soda has a new look too. Gone are the sweetly saturated can colors, replaced with a clean and subtle, bubbly can design, more befitting the brand voice and direction. The tasting campaigns are supported by clever copywriting – a nod to the past oxymoron known as “nutritious soda.”

The new approach can be seen on <> , and in various point-of-sale and out-of-home executions.

“The new product design is a perfect reflection of the new product while not veering too far from the established brand position – the better-for-you, Nutritious soda,” said Doug Adkins, Chief Creative Officer, Hunt Adkins.

The product in the former packaging has been donated to charity.

Helping People Get Hubbly (Healthy and Bubbly)

To celebrate its new look and taste, Nutrisoda is hosting a mobile sampling tour in both Minneapolis/St. Paul and San Diego, set to run until the end of September. Consumers will be able to taste all four varieties of Nutrisoda. The tasting carts will be set up on the street, outside of restaurants and bars, and at retail locations.

Nutrisoda also encourages people to get hubbly – healthy and bubbly – at <> . The site has a hubbly formulator, which creates the perfect recipe for life’s unique needs.

Nutrisoda will only be available at retail locations in the Minneapolis and San Diego markets, but can be purchased via a link on <> . Nutrisoda plans to complete its pilot market testing in time for market expansion in late 2009.

Nutrisoda. Soda with the right kind of pop.

About Nutrisoda

Nutrisoda is the flagship brand of the Ardea Beverage Company, a company dedicated to the development and marketing of safe and delicious nutrient-enhanced beverages. The Nutrisoda product line combines natural fruit flavors and is specially formulated to deliver a unique wellness benefit. All varieties contain meaningful levels of key vitamins, minerals and amino acids to deliver functional benefits and crisp, effervescent refreshment. The Ardea Beverage Company, started in Minneapolis in 2003, is based in Schaumburg, Ill.