Innovative Beverage Group, Creators of drank ‘Extreme Relaxation’ Beverage, and Layfield Energy Launch Industry’s First ‘Extreme Relaxation’ Shot


HOUSTON, July 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Consumers looking to relax in a hurry can now do so in just a few gulps, thanks to a partnership between Layfield Energy and Innovative Beverage Group (Pink Sheets: IBGH), who today announced the introduction of Drank Deuce(TM), a compact two-ounce version of the wildly popular drank(TM) beverage that has been stealing coveted shelf space from popular energy drinks by promising a stressed out nation the opposite effect — relaxation.

The Extreme Relaxation(TM) formula behind drank(TM) creates its relaxing effect by combining melatonin, valerian root and rose hips. Drank Deuce(TM) will complement the existing 16-oz. drank(TM) beverage brand by offering consumers a great-tasting instant relaxation shot, with only 16 calories, 4 grams of carbohydrates and 4 grams of sugar per serving. Its compact yet powerful size, with extremely relaxing properties, allows Drank Deuce(TM) to easily slip into a purse or pocket for relaxation on-the-go, after a tough workout or at the end of a hard day.

Drank Deuce(TM) is the newest addition to the Innovative Beverage portfolio, exploding onto the functional beverage scene to help propel the drank(TM) brand forward by not only leveraging its reputation as the market leader in the burgeoning calming beverage category pioneered by IBGH but also utilizing its premier distribution network that includes wholesalers for industry heavyweights such as Anheuser-Bush(R), Coke(R), Pepsi(R), and Miller Brewing Company(R).

“With drank(TM) sales through the roof, we needed to figure out a way to merchandise the product in a way that would strengthen our brand,” said Peter Bianchi, chief executive officer, Innovative Beverage Group. “Drank Deuce(TM) was a natural evolution and a direct answer to customer demand for something smaller, with fewer calories. Plus, the product is highly portable, and under the specified liquid limit for airport security, which makes it the perfect travel companion when crossing multiple time zones.”

Unfettered access to Innovative Beverage’s established distributor network affords Drank Deuce(TM) the ability to hit consumer shelves almost immediately, avoiding one of the most common hurdles facing new beverage products and helping Drank Deuce(TM) close in on its mission to become a household name, stocked in every convenience store in America.

Drank Deuce(TM) is available for sale with a strong online presence on the leading nutrition site,, where the relaxation shot has already proven a success.

Charlie Haas, president of said, “Drank Deuce(TM) has consistently been ranked in the top five best sellers since began carrying the extreme relaxation(TM) shot. We’re proud to say the product has helped make the online destination for nutritional supplements with the best prices.”

John Layfield, founder of Layfield Energy said, “Drank Deuce(TM) is the product of a complementary partnership between Layfield Energy and Innovative Beverage Group. Its title as first ‘extreme relaxation'(TM) shot has helped it to thrive in Nashville, TN, and now that it’s available online we expect the kind of results that drank beverage received in its first year.”

For more information about drank(TM), please visit: or call 1-877-DRANK-02

About Layfield Energy

Layfield Distribution is a sister company of Layfield Energy, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of 2 oz. energy products as well as other beverages and snacks in the middle Tennessee area. Layfield Energy, Inc. was founded by former wrestling star, John Layfield. Layfield is a regular panelist on Fox News Channel’s The Cost of Freedom and a contributor for the Fox Business Channel. He has also written a best-selling book on financial planning called Have More Money Now (ISBN 0-7434-6633-0).

About Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc.

Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc. is a Nevada based corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas that engages in the distribution and wholesale of products in the New Age beverage category. The Company recently launched its first proprietary product drank(TM). Dubbed the world’s first extreme relaxation(TM) beverage, drank(TM) was created to induce a natural calming and soothing effect when consumed. drank(TM) is a lightly carbonated grape flavored beverage formulated with natural calming agents including melatonin, rose hips, and valerian root. drank(TM) is sold in prominent purple, signature 16 ounce cans bearing the slogan “slow your roll” and is available in convenience and grocery outlets in a growing number of regions throughout the United States. Innovative Beverage Group began operations as a distributor for well known national brands of beverage products including Jolt, Rock Star, Crystal Geyser, Sweet Leaf tea, Arizona Ice tea, and Volvic Water. Although the Company continues to distribute many of these well known brands in the greater Houston area, the expansion of Innovative’s proprietary product division has become foremost in their business model. Recent corporate strategies have been focused on the marketing and distribution of drank(TM) to accommodate the growing demand for the product. Innovative Beverage Group is also currently working to add additional proprietary products to its line that will complement drank(TM) and provide consumers with an array of new and unique concepts in the New Age beverage category.