SwissMountain – New Global Product Release

‘SwissMountain’ – now launched in the U.S, China and the U.A.E- is the international brand of
‘Knutwiler’, a premium mineral water bottled directly at source in Switzerland. Amongst other premium
mineral water brands, it stands out as best for the health of consumers because of its unspoiled water
source in the Swiss Alps that has a remarkable protective seal and a particular geological formation.
The source of SwissMountain Mineral Water has been bubbling as an
‘artesian’ spring for more than 500 years. Already in 1787, it became
internationally renowned for its modern bath houses.
Based on the spring’s excellent mineralization, guests would enjoy
‘fango mud-pack treatments’ and drink the water to help cure
rheumatisms and related diseases.
SwissMountain is simply good for your health!
The virtually ‘no nitrates’ basic composition of the water and moderate levels of sodium and sulphate
make SwissMountain a harmonious beverage – light, pure, refreshing, pleasant to drink and suitable for
the preparation of baby food.
In summary, SwissMountain’s key ‘health’ characteristics are:
1. Pleasant Ph level of 7.3
No acidity, No after taste
2. Virtually no traces of Nitrates
Indicates a high quality and unspoiled source
3. Very low Sodium and Sulphate content
Making it acceptable for baby food
4. Healthy levels of Calcium, Manganese and Iron
Helps for rheumatisms, bone formation
SwissMountain natural mineral water (‘still’ i.e. non-carbonated) is available in 1 Liter and 0.5 Liter
attractive aqua-color, blue-shaded PET bottles.