Kronik Energy to be sold in Maverik Country Stores

Phoenix, AZ. March 1, 2010: Just in time for the summer selling season, Kronik Energy drinks are being added to the vaults of 140 company-operated Maverik convenience stores across several western states. Kronik Energy is being introduced as a new product to the Maverik stores based on customer demand for a fresh, chug-able and thirst-quenching, alternative to the big 3 energy brands.

Maverik stores will initially carry four of Kronik’s most popular flavors: BLUE CITRUS, BLUE CITRUS Low-Carb, VENGENCE and VENGENCE Low-Carb and will consider adding the remaining two flavors in the Kronik lineup when they become available. The new ENTOURAGE and Splenda-sweetened ENTOURAGE Low-Carb are the most recent additions to the Kronik Energy line-up of UNRELENTING energy drinks, and will be introduced to distributors, retailers and consumers in April.

KroniCo’s Vice President of sales Chris Wickson said that expanding distribution through its new agreement with Maverik Country Stores represents a milestone for the company.

“We believe Kronik Energy will be a very strong player in the highly competitive “Energy” segment. If we just keep doing what we’ve been doing, Kronik should really move off the shelves in Utah, Nevada and Arizona stores where we have already identified consumer demand” Wickson said. “We are proud of what we have accomplished in a few short months with Kronik, and we view Maverik’s decision to introduce Kronik Energy Drinks in their stores as a validation of our products’ quality and appeal.”


Headquartered in Phoenix, Az., the KRONIK ENERGY brand was created in 2003 before the term “Energy Drink” became a household word. The company is looking to expand its network of retailers and distributors. With several new products currently in development, KRONIK is looking to expand its product line as well. To become a retailer or distributor of KRONIK ENERGY, contact: Chris Wickson at 623-580-9221 or


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