Game Juice, AMAC Arnold Partner to Distribute Game Juice in Southeast Michigan

February 4, 2010, Miami, FL – Game Juice Inc. announced today that is has partnered with AMAC Arnold, a subsidiary of TI Spices, to distribute Game Juice® throughout Southeast Michigan. AMAC Arnold has more than 30 years experience in the Southeast Michigan area and hundreds of retail accounts that it has developed through outstanding customer service and merchandising support.

“Partnering with AMAC and their outstanding sales network helps us to reach the estimated one million residents in Greater Detroit between the ages of 12-24,” said Matt Rosenberg, President of Game Juice Inc. “They define what their “Game” is in their own lives every day, and we are loyal to their edgy, trend-setting lifestyle. Game Juice will be there when they want to ‘Juice Up Their Game®’!”

“We look forward to expanding Game Juice sales in Southeast Michigan throughout our retail network,” said Nino Incammicia, President of AMAC Arnold. “Game Juice is a great fit for the young demographic here in Michigan, and we have worked for many years with IAO Management’s Joe Belli, who introduced us to Game Juice. It is a pleasure to be partnering with IAO and Game Juice as we launch in Michigan.”

For more information, please contact Matt Rosenberg of Game Juice Inc. at (786) 525 6969 or at Nino Incammicia of AMAC Arnold can be reached at (586) 790-7100. IAO Management can be contacted at (586) 430-1346 or at

About Game Juice®

Game Juice® is the first gamer-created drink that fills the gap between sodas and energy drinks for an entire generation of people that play all types of games. Created with the direct input of teens, gamers and extreme sports enthusiasts, Game Juice® features an Apple & Ginger flavor, four B Vitamins, real sugar, and moderate caffeine and Taurine in a game-sport grip bottle. For more information, go to or contact Matt Rosenberg at (786) 525-6969 or

About IAO Management LLC

IAO Management is a Michigan-based firm that specializes in professional sales management in the consumer goods industry. With a national network of relationships with distributors, retailers, restaurants and bars, IAO specializes in building sales opportunities for select partner brands. For more information, please contact IAO at (586) 430-1346 or at