KIDStrong Hydration Beverage for Children Now Available at Grocers Throughout the Northeast

Fair Haven, NJ (April 19, 2010) – KIDStrong® Enterprises, an innovative provider of positive energy to kids worldwide, recently announced the availability of its new KIDStrong® hydration beverage in retail grocery chains throughout the Northeast. The first-of-its-kind all-natural hydration beverage for children is now available in approximately 1,000 supermarkets and food stores throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Maine.

The following retail grocery chains are currently stocking the KIDStrong® hydration beverage: A&P, Aim Stores, Inc., Bravo Supermarkets, C-Town Food Stores, Foodtown, Key Food, King Kullen, Pathmark, Waldbaum’s, and more than 200 independent grocers.

“We’re excited to have established such a strong retail presence in the Northeast,” remarked KIDStrong® Enterprises Vice President of Sales and Distribution, Ron Berkowitz. “Since its official launch last June, KIDStrong® has been well-received by grocers and health-conscious parents alike in this strategic market area. We expect to expand our distribution partnerships rapidly into other key geographic regions in order to make KIDStrong® available through retailers nationwide.”

The KIDStrong® hydration drink is low in sugar and scientifically formulated with all the vitamins and nutrients kids require to live a healthy, active, and productive lifestyle. By harnessing the most recent scientific research, KIDStrong® Enterprises has developed a unique refreshment for children that is nutritious and tastes great. It is currently available in two flavors – natural orange and natural grape; with additional flavors soon to follow.

The suggested retail price for the KIDStrong® hydration drink is $3.99 – $4.99 per 4-unit case and $.99 – $1.39 per 12oz. bottle. To inquire about becoming a KIDStrong® retailer or distributor, please contact Ron Berkowitz at 516-208-3868 or For consumer information about the KIDStrong® hydration drink for children, and special promotions, please call 888-302-0236, or visit

About KIDStrong® Hydration Beverage for Children

KIDStrong® is the first-of-its-kind all-natural hydration beverage for children. Unlike other “sports drinks” or “fortified waters” on the market, KIDStrong® contains no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives, and is low in sugar, containing just 3g of sugar per 8oz. serving. Moreover, KIDStrong® is power-packed with a specialized proprietary nutrient formulation that delivers just the right mix of vitamins and minerals important for growing children. The beverage is composed of three significant components that work together to promote proper nutrition and growth:

1. 1. A low glycemic index complex carbohydrate blend

A nutrient blend containing 22 vitamins and minerals

A unique electrolyte combination

KIDStrong® was specifically developed for active, growing children, 4-13, and is aimed at combating the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. KIDStrong®’s nutritional formula is backed by science, making it the most effective and beneficial children’s drink on the market.

About KIDStrong® Enterprises

KIDStrong® Enterprises embraces the belief that children are our planet’s most valuable asset. Its mission is to deliver a message of strength, health, vitality, and optimism by providing products and understanding that empower children both physically and mentally. The company strives to be a no-nonsense provider of tips, tools, and all-natural products to make it easier for children and their parents to live a healthy lifestyle.

By harnessing the most recent scientific research, KIDStrong® designs, develops, and distributes unique products that are convenient, nutritious, scientifically sound, and taste great. KIDStrong® strives to educate parents, children, and communities throughout the world concerning the dangers of childhood obesity and “to be the world’s number one provider of positive energy to kids everywhere.” The company’s goal is to equip families with the tools they need to effectively illustrate the path to an active, healthful, and productive lifestyle.