NERD Beverage Expands Out of the South and ‘Focuses’ on Midwest

SAN ANTONIO, April 21 /PRNewswire/ — NERD Beverage Corporation has created a new category within the energy drink market by developing the first “Focus & Energy” beverage in the industry. NERD Beverage Corp. has succeeded in creating a winner in the Texas market, and now expands across the Midwest.

“Our current goal is to take our successes that we’ve had in the South with our top tier distributors and mirror them across the Midwest. We are very happy to have partnered with a Class A distributor like Central Beverage who has the ability to take great brands and make them a big hit in the Chicago area,” said Vin Montes, CEO of NERD Beverage Corporation.

NERD has also landed all its SKU’s in the May sets at Kum and Go stores in Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma. “Kum and Go is a top performing c-store destination with over 450 great locations across many Midwestern states,” said Mike Ward, VP of National Sales of NERD Beverage Corporation.

NERD was originally created by a University of Texas (UTSA) college student Vin Montes in order to help him focus and stay awake while studying late nights at the library. The beverage proved successful when he was later accepted into medical school. Before attending medical school Montes began selling NERD from the back of his pickup truck to local convenience stores and around campus in order to supply the demand NERD had created. Montes was granted an indefinite leave of absence after his first year of medical school in order to serve as NERD’s CEO. “I created NERD to help me get to a higher level of education, I plan to share NERD with all college students in order for NERD to help them as it did me,” said Montes.

NERD Beverage Corporation is a pioneer in the beverage industry because it has created a new category within the energy drink market the “Focus and Energy” category. NERD’s formula contains four effective focus/memory enhancers (Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, DMAE, and Chinese Ginkgo Biloba) mixed with a strong energy blend. NERD Beverage Corp. engages in the development, marketing, sale and distribution of NERD beverages in the United States and internationally. NERD Beverage Corporation was founded in San Antonio, TX in 2006, please visit our website for details