Fizzy Lizzy announces new packaging

NEW YORK, NY – May 10, 2010 – Fizzy Lizzy announced a complete re-branding of its sparkling juice line today with a new logo and graphics for its packaging as well as its website. The revised look is clean, simple and fun, and represents a marked shift from its previous identity which was quite busy. The new labels and four-packs hit stores starting the week of May 3rd.

“We loved our former design but it proved inconsistent with our brand attributes as well as difficult for consumers to read,” Liz Morrill, Founder and President of Fizzy Lizzy said. It also failed to prominently display our high juice content, lack of added sugars and industry awards*, which are the very things that make Fizzy Lizzy distinct.”

Impressed by the student talent he’d seen online, Morrill’s husband (and company CEO) Aaron, launched a contest on the design website,, ultimately choosing Brooklyn-based designer Jesse Kirsch, as the winner. Kirsch’s work represents the fifth label Fizzy Lizzy has had in its ten year-history (a dubious distinction that both Morrills – with mortification – believe may be a record). The company is officially assuring both its wholesale and its consumer customers, “Fear no more: five times is the charm.”

Fizzy Lizzy consists of fruit juice and sparkling water with no added sugars and an average of 60% juice per bottle. The line includes eight flavors and is sold in select grocers, health-food stores, restaurants and cafes across the country. For more information please visit and/or call 800-203-9336. For high resolution images of our new packaging, please email Amy Drown at

*Fizzy Lizzy won two sofi™ silver medals at the 2007 Summer Fancy Food Show: “Outstanding Product Line” and (for the Costa Rican Pineapple) “Outstanding Cold Beverage.