L. Knife & Son Adds 28BLACK to Its Product Offering

OCCOQUAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CALIDRIS 28 today announced L. Knife & Son, Inc., has agreed to distribute its flagship product, 28BLACK, into the Eastern United States. Based in Luxembourg and founded in 2008, CALIDRIS 28 is bringing its premium, a?ai-inspired beverage to the U.S. energy drink market.

“28BLACK is a natural, premium beverage that is going to lead the charge in the next generation of energy drinks for the U.S. and greater Americas market,” said CALIDRIS 28 U.S. General Manager Michael Raunegger. “28BLACK is a well developed brand in Germany, and our agreement with L. Knife & Son is an excellent foray into the U.S. market, where we see a dramatic shift in general consumer demand for more natural alternatives in energy drinks.”

Because 28BLACK contains no taurine, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, 28BLACK does not taste synthetic. The typical “sweet tart” taste many consumers criticize is absent in both 28BLACK and its sugar-free version, 28WHITE. In contrast, its fruity, crisp taste is its flavor trademark.

“28BLACK complements the proven L. Knife strategy of bringing to our local markets the finest beverages in the world that fill a unique niche and provide consumers with diversity and choice,” says L. Knife Group Marketing and Sales Vice President Michael Brazel.

L. Knife & Son distributes 28BLACK through various subsidiaries, including Specialty Beverage of Virginia, T.J. Sheehan Distributing (New York) and Legends Ltd. Distributing (Maryland/Washington, DC). For more information, visit www.greatbrewers.com.

About CALIDRIS 28: CALIDRIS 28 AG is a Luxembourg-based international holding company. From there it distributes its premium lifestyle products to markets in Europe, Asia, the USA, and the Arab world. For more information on 28BLACK and CALIDRIS 28, visit 28drinks.com.

About L. Knife Group: Four generations strong, L. Knife & Son includes an importing company and nine distribution operations that provide statewide coverage in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Wisconsin. Its core portfolio is comprised of Anheuser-Busch InBev family of products, and all divisions of L. Knife & Son progressively maintain the finest selection of craft and specialty beers available in their respective markets.