Vita Coco Announces New Strategic Production Partner in Asia: Fresh Fruit Ingredients Inc.

July 12, 2010 – New York, NY – Vita Coco, the nation’s best selling fresh coconut water brand, today
announced increased production capabilities, via a new strategic partnership with Fresh Fruit Ingredients
Inc. (Fresh Fruit), one of the world’s largest and most innovative producers of coconut products, including
coconut water.
The new 10-year agreement with Fresh Fruit, based in the Philippines, was confirmed by Vita Coco cofounder and ceo Michael Kirban. The deal augments Vita Coco’s existing production partnerships in
Brazil, and allows the brand to meet the ever-growing consumer demand for fresh coconut water.
“Vita Coco’s sales saw triple-digit increases in the first quarter of 2010 as the brand became synonymous
with coconut water in the U.S.,” says Kirban. “Fresh Fruit is an ideal partner: the company has been a
leader in coconut products for the past century, and they bring the sourcing, production and quality
standards we need as Vita Coco grows from a national brand into a global brand.”
In addition to Vita Coco’s startling U.S. growth, the brand has also seen triple-digit sales increases in the
U.K., where Vita Coco has been dubbed the next “it” beverage by the British media.
Kirban expects Fresh Fruit’s production capabilities will enable Vita Coco to increase its total production
capacity five-fold in the next six months. “As we explore global growth, this is the first of what I hope will
be other production and product development partnerships around the world,” says Kirban. Vita Coco
produced by Fresh Fruit will hit store shelves this August.
In addition to scalability, the new partnership with Fresh Fruit strengthens Vita Coco’s innovation pipeline.
“Many of the flavors in our roster came-to-be because of consumer demand. Our new relationship with
Fresh Fruit will enable us to accelerate innovation – in terms of new flavors, new products and new
Romeo Chan, president of Fresh Fruit Ingredients Inc., notes: “As a pioneer of coconut products and
ingredients sold worldwide, we are proud to support Vita Coco’s incredible growth. Vita Coco shares our
pioneering spirit, as they introduced fresh coconut water to the U.S. consumer.”
In the U.S., Vita Coco is sold at over 17,000 retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, GNC, Giant
Eagle, Kroger, Ralph’s, Shaw’s, Stop&Shop/Giant, Hannaford Supermarkets, select Wal-Mart stores and
many chain and independent groceries and retailers. Vita Coco is also sold in over a dozen major U.S.
airports, university campuses in the Northeast and California, as well as online at
Fresh Fruit Ingredients Inc. and its affiliates, RV Industries Inc. in the USA, and Fiesta Ingredients
Australia, are pioneers and leaders in the production and distribution of the world's finest coconut
products. Fresh Fruit products include coconut water, coconut milk powder, coconut cream and reducedfat
coconut, amongst other offerings. Visit for more information.
Vita Coco is the U.S. leader in fresh coconut water sales, with over 60% market share (source: Merrill
Lynch/Bank of America). Visit for more information.