QuikTrip Convenience Stores Adding Additional Rocket Power with ZUN® LITE

Blasting Off! ZUN LITE hits coolers February 2011

 BOULDER COLORADO, Tuesday, January 18, 2011/PRWEB / — ZUN, a pioneer in the Energy-Plus drink category, has today announced QuikTrip Nationwide to add ZUN LITE 12 oz. lightly-carbonated Brain Boosting Energy® Drinks to all 550 plus locations.

ZUN is a powerful, proprietary formula that includes Co-Enzyme Q10 & Choline to promote sustainable energy and improved mental focus, packed in a one of a kind ‘retro style’ rocket bottle. With the same Incredibly Refreshing® taste, ZUN LITE is only 20 Calories and features Blue Agave Nectar.

 "QuikTrip recently completed ZUN rollout with ZUN ‘original red’ and we are very excited by this opportunity to add our Low Calorie version ZUN LITE to complete our banner.” stated Brian Stearns Founder and CEO ZUN. QuikTrip is an incredibly well managed chain with high volume foot traffic, a great way for ZUN to increase visibility and brand awareness.”

About ZUN

ZUN is an Energy-Plus beverage that delivers instant and sustainable energy with added nutraceuticals for improved memory and focus. Out of this World®, Incredibly Refreshing® and Brain Boosting Energy® are registered Trademarks. Unique Rocket Bottle designed for carbonation is protected by US and International ‘issued’ patents. For more information, please visit: www.zunenergy.com