Aguas Frescas Pioneering Brand, Cobá, Deepens Rapid Expansion into Northern California

Los Angeles, CA- Cobá’s recent launch of the first line of RTD all-natural aguas frescas continues to show success and growth in a young but growing new category of RTD beverages. While industry incumbents begin to focus their product lines on the Latino consumer, Cobá’s authentic approach using family recipes from co-founders Jose Luis Domene and Arnulfo Ventura continues to prove that authenticity speaks more to the consumer than marketing spend.

DSD Distributor of GT’s Organic & Raw Synergy Kombucha, Geyser Beverage Co. will expand Cobá’s current coverage of the Bay Area from primarily the natural food channel to a wider variety of stores under the Geyser umbrella, allowing them to penetrate more territories, more channels and a wider demographic of consumers. For the Cobá brand, Geyser has already shown unprecedented early success in the first couple weeks of its kickoff launch.

“We work extremely hard and we ask the same of all our partners. When evaluating our distribution solutions, we try to integrate partners who are willing to match our work ethic and perseverance. It takes an enormous amount of energy to create a successful brand and our partners are a crucial extension of our team. Sil (at Geyser) has a modesty about him, but he also has a greater sense of urgency, which I can appreciate. We’re finally scaling our distribution ‘programs’ and our goal is to continue to build goodwill and performance with our current DSD partners so we can benefit from their testimonies. It’s a really exciting time for the company and the brand.”–Cobá CEO, Arnulfo Ventura

Cobá’s re-branding debut at Natural Products Expo West 2011, where they won Top 5 Food and Beverage products, has continued to prove a fruitful change in direction as their distribution network expands and same store sales increase. For more information on Cobá please visit