AriZona Beverages & Arnold Palmer Introduce Arnold Palmer Peach Sweet Tea Half & Half

Woodbury, NY (April 14, 2011 ) – AriZona Beverages USA, LLC and Arnold Palmer are excited to announce the latest addition to the popular Arnold Palmer Half & Half line with Arnold Palmer Peach Sweet Tea Half & Half. The tangy taste of peaches complements the delicious combination of southern style sweet tea and lemonade, making for a juicy variation of the classic combination.

The fresh peach taste has been added to create a delicious addition to the sweet tea and lemonade medley. Like all of AriZona’s products the Arnold Palmer Sweet Tea Peach Half & Half contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

The Arnold Palmer Peach Sweet Tea Half & Half’s distinct packaging makes it easily identifiable. The can portrays a young Arnold Palmer standing in a barn with his dog, Mulligan, overlooking a peach orchard. The setting is reminiscent of Palmer’s life in Latrobe, PA, while the peaches depict the tasty addition to the half & half combination inside.

Arnold Palmer Peach Sweet Tea Half & Half is available in 23-ounce cans and 64-ounce half gallons. The 23-ounce can comes with a suggested retail price of $0.99. The Arnold Palmer Peach Sweet Tea Half & Half has begun distribution in the Northeast and will continue to rollout nationally throughout 2011.

Arnold Palmer beverages are licensed under the authority of Innovative Flavors LLC, Orlando, FL.

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