Bai Signs Distribution Deal with Haralambos Beverage Co.

Hamilton, N.J. (Dec. 5, 2011) –Bai Brands, maker of bai and bai5 antioxidant infusions, announced today a distribution agreement with Haralambos Beverage Company. The agreement includes distribution throughout Southern California and is the next step in the company’s strategy to make bai available to as many health conscious consumers as possible.

Created by entrepreneur and coffee industry pioneer Ben Weiss, bai is an all-natural, low calorie, antioxidant infusion and is one of the beverage industry’s fastest-rising stars. The 11 bold, fresh fruit flavors found in bai and five calorie bai5 come from 100% natural ingredients and organic sweeteners. And just one bottle of bai contains the same antioxidant levels as a bowl of blueberries and provides 100% of the FDA’s Daily Recommended Intake for antioxidants.

“Bai is not another juice, tea or water — it’s an all-natural, low calorie, antioxidant infusion that provides a welcome alternative to the overcaffeinated, oversweetened and less than healthy drinks cluttering the ready-to-drink beverage market.” says Weiss. “We’re excited to bring bai to consumers in Southern California and are confidant that Haralambos Beverage Company is the right partner to help us do that.” Since its launch in 2009, bai has rapidly gained fans among consumers and beverage industry figures. Through agreements with several major beverage distributors, bai and bai5 are available through an expanding network of retailers in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and now Southern California.

bai also has garnered major industry accolades: It was named Best New Functional Drink and honored for Best New Beverage Ingredient at the 2010 Beverage Innovation Awards, and selected as one of the Top 5 Drinks at 2011 Natural Products Expo West.

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