BLUE MONKEY Coconut Collection Expands Retailer Base Across North America and Product Extensions

December 3, 2011 — New Attitude Beverage Corp, California  reports a glowing year of increases in retail distribution and at least a ten fold growth  from 2010 to 2011 for its  Blue Monkey™ Coconut Collection.  Currently made up of several coconut water SKUS, and one instant powdered coconut water  powder , the company is introducing  further extensions with organic versions, new sizess in glass and Tetra Pak, and new coconut and tropical beverages for a total of  14 beverages and 3 snacks by March 2012.

Some of these new additions are not offered by other brands and Blue Monkey anticipates massive, positive reaction when the new products debut in the market starting in late January 2012.Distribution in North America has seen increases with national account additions of  Krogers, Safeway, Whole Foods, HEB in the U.S. and Canadian accounts such as Sobeys, Safeway Canada, Overwaitea and Loblaws and  Western Canada’s  London Drug Store chain.   Amazon is the brand’s largest “web” distribution account.

Although its prime distribution is through health and specialty foods, Blue Monkey will add key DSD in select markets while it seeks additional marketing and sales staff.Simon Ginsberg, Managing Director of the company says “amazingly, most of our largest accounts actually called us wanting to list the brand and the main reason was the preferred quality and appealing taste of our  100% coconut water in cans as well as the number of customers who started asking for Blue Monkey.”

Concerning production supply “the company had to go from one packer in Asia and two in the U.S. to seven  in Asia and four in North America by early 2012.”. “Our physical centres have gone from two distribution warehouses  in 2010 to seven currently across North America.  We have also finalizing distribution in Australia and the UK starting in 2012.”

Blue Monkey™ commenced shipping its product lines into test market accounts in California and Canada in June 2010 and as a direct result, is now continuing to debut in a number of other untouched markets, including select regional chains that are coming on board.  The Blue Monkey™ product line provides the end consumer with a pure, simple, authentic beverage that delivers the immediate health benefit of replenishing the body with electrolytes and is naturally low in calories. Potassium, the key mineral component of  Blue Monkey™ Coconut Water, has been proven to support the body’s immune health. Several consumers even let the company know how it minimizes hangovers!

Blue Monkey™ is free from preservatives and harmful additives, with no added sweeteners. An organic version of Blue Monkey™ will be available this spring. The Blue Monkey™ Collection is conveniently available to the consumer in an assortment of package offerings and flavors, with retail price points from $0.99 for an individual powder pack to $8.99 for a 10 pack master powder pack box for retail sale. Blue Monkey™ is also offered in recyclable, bi-metal container cans and P.E.T. single serving bottles, that have an MSRP of $1.69 to $2.49. The single serve containers are 16.9 oz PET – made of BPA Free plastic,  the 11.2 oz and 17.6 oz cans are tin/steel and 20g powder pouches for travel are made of recyclable foil. The all natural  (not from concentrate) juice flavors are sourced from coconut water and blended with passion fruit, mango, guava, tropical, and  acai/pomegranate juices.