Bona Fide Hangover Cure Receives US Patent

Austin, TX — Applied Food Sciences, Inc. announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent for the use of glucarate and its derivatives such as glucuronolactone, a popular ingredient in energy drinks, for the reduction of negative symptoms associated with alcohol ingestion.

U.S. Patent 7,662,863, titled “Therapeutic agent for the use in reducing alcohol intoxication and reducing or eliminating the negative side effects associated with alcohol ingestion” describes a beneficial method and compound for ameliorating alcohol intoxication and preventing and/or reducing hangover symptoms. The patent covers several ingredients and products, including Applied Foods’ newest product, GTOX® the Hangover Detox Shot for preventing hangovers.

Glucarate, a compound naturally found in many fruits and vegetables, is a proven activator in the removal of toxins and harmful compounds from the liver.   Studies proving glucarate’s efficacy in enhancing our body’s process of glucuronidation, one of the primary pathways our bodies take to remove toxins, and harmful pollutants we absorb from the liver, have been extensively researched and published.

“We believe that this patent, covering glucarate and products like our GTOX® Hangover Detox Shots, strengthens the GTOX brand and strengthens our role as innovators in the beverage industry,” said Loretta Zapp, CEO of Applied Food Sciences, Inc., owner of the new patent.  The 4 ounce detox shot instructs consumers to drink 1-2 GTOX® before bed to help detoxify the body quickly and efficiently after alcohol consumption.  GTOX® Hangover Detox Shot is a clean citrus flavor with an average retail price between $2.99- $3.49/bottle.  GTOX is currently being sold nationally in GNC stores as well as on the web at

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