Cintron Beverage Group Unveils New Identity On Line Of Tea & Fruit Drinks

Philadelphia, PA (June 21, 2011)– Cintron Beverage Group launches with great success the new visual identity of the brands ready to drink teas and single-serve fruit juices. Cintron’s portfolio of non-carbonated beverages is now available in 23.5 oz cans.  According to brand representatives, the decision to launch the new can design was based on extensive consumer research.

The new identity was created to showcase Cintron’s expanded flavor portfolio, enhanced brand preference, and improved shelf stand out. The design of the new packaging was handled by Strategia Design and led by Donna Davin, Cintron’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Reflecting the historic logo and vibrant color schemes of Cintron, the redesigned packaging brings a cohesive, unified look and feel to the Company’s global tea and fruit drink brand lineup. The modernized design builds on elements of Cintron’s visual identity, including bold logotype lettering, refreshing fruit illustrations and natural imagery to underscore the tea and fruit drinks as a source of delicious fruit.

The new design also creates a cohesive look on shelves and beverage coolers when packages are placed side-by-side to showcase the line’s new packaging. This further communicates the nutritional goodness inherent in each serving.

Cintron’s tea and fruit drinks satisfy the beverage needs of children and adults 12-49; with special appeal to Hispanic consumers.  Cintron’s Black & Green Teas are available in: Lemon, Raspberry, Sweet, Green with Ginseng and Honey, and Half & Half Lite (Lemonade plus tea).  Mango Green Tea will be available in early July 2011. The green and black tea line contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. The complete line of fruit drinks includes: Fruit Punch, GrapeAde, and Watermelon-Strawberry.


Cintron has implemented aggressive pricing through the 2011 Tea Season for both current and new distributors. The launch will be supported by promotional pricing, and in-store summer merchandising programs with key retailers.

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About Cintron Beverage Group

Cintron Beverage Group is one of the fastest growing beverage companies in the U.S. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA and is globally distributed through select retail chains. Cintron’s Liquid Energy drinks, with Latin inspired flavors and sweetened with Organic Cane Sugar, are distinguished by their great taste and quality ingredients and will certainly appeal to today’s health-conscious consumers. For more information on Cintron Beverage Group please visit