Coca Cola Files Opposition to Cocaine Trademarks in Chile

Las Vegas, NV (Thursday, April 14, 2011) It was confirmed on March 23rd that the Coca-Cola Company has filed an opposition to the Cocaine trademark in Chile on the grounds of morality and unfair competition.

The Coca-Cola Company’s position was revealed when it filed an opposition to the trademark application submitted by Redux Beverages for its well-known flagship product, Cocaine Energy. In its letter of opposition, the Coca-Cola Company argued that “the referenced trademark would infringe fair competition” and “lead consumers to confusion.”

A copy of the filing (in Spanish) may be found here:

Jamey Kirby, Founder/President of Redux Beverages, has a theory as to Coca-Cola’s surprising move. “We have already captured a significant market share in Chile,” says Kirby, “and our brand is achieving significant growth in the country.”

There is no requirement for trademark registration to sell beverages in Chile, and Coca-Cola has not filed any claim of this kind against Cocaine Energy’s trademark fillings in the US. Redux Beverages recently secured the trademark for Cocaine in Mexico with no opposition from Coca-Cola.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, Redux Beverages is the developer of the Cocaine Energy, launched at the New York City Fashion Week in September of 2006. Since that time, “the drink with the naughty name” has achieved enormous media exposure and an intensely loyal fan base. Cocaine Energy delivers a 280mg per-can caffeine punch (3.5 times stronger than other energy supplements) without high-fructose corn syrup. Cocaine Energy bases its formulation on metabolism-friendly dextrose instead, and each of the two distinct flavors is a kicky, sophisticated blend of cherry and spices.

Redux Beverages’ executive team includes Founder/President Jamey Kirby, Executive Vice President Raymond Herrera, Chief Financial Officer Hannah Kirby, and Chief Operating Officer Travis Dahmen. For more information, please visit