Dad’s Root Beer Introduces 75th Anniversary Retro Cans

Jasper, IN (October 25, 2011) — Dad’s Root Beer will be celebrating our 75th Anniversary in 2012. We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Dad’s Root Beer 75th Anniversary Retro Can Package. Four vintage cans have been selected from our collection to be included on a random basis in the 2/12-12oz can package.

Production will begin on this package on November 1st, 2011 with availability nationwide via our distributor network.

About Dad’s Root Beer:

Dad’s is one of America’s most popular soft drinks. The beverage was developed in Chicago in February of 1937, and its unique and delicious flavor has earned it a loyal following. In 2007, Dad’s was purchased along with the Sun Crest, Dr. Wells, and Bubble Up brands by Hedinger Brands, LLC and licensed to The Dad’s Root Beer Company, LLC. The company headquarters is now located in Jasper, Indiana.