Grass Roots Beverage Is Expanding Operations to Represent Additional Brands

Grass Roots Beverage Company (GRB) is a full service distribution company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Grass Roots Beverage (GRB), is expanding its operations to represent additional brands. GRB’s goal is to provide distribution opportunities to beverage and snack companies that are having difficulty establishing a presence in the State of Florida Management of

GRB is confident that this expansion of operations will be successful because distribution dominated by the Coke and Pepsi systems are off limits and closed to these brands. Complicating the issue is that fact that there are few “third tier” distributors in Florida. Many of the state’s small distributors have either gone out of business or were acquired by large beer houses. In a state the size of Florida the lack of independents makes full coverage almost an impossible task. GRB is an approved vendor of Walgreen’s, Circle K, 7-11, RaceTrac and Town Star.

Darren M. Marks, GRB’s President and CEO, said, “Building the direct distribution opportunity has always been on our radar and the statewide build out of our own brand through GRB has given us the credentials necessary to achieve our goal.” Marks added, “The fact that Grass Roots Beverages is an authorized vendor for several national chain retailers, including Walgreens and Circle-K, and has an approximate total of 3,000 retail accounts makes us a viable and attractive alternative to those brands seeking to obtain a foothold in Florida.”

“Grass Roots Beverage is a full service direct store distributor (DSD) that has a lot to offer. Some brands have been able to get directly to the stores via the retailer’s warehouse but that often causes more problems than solutions,” said Ralph Sabella Vice President of Operations. Sabella continued. “Getting it to the warehouse is easy but speed to shelf and out-of-stocks are the problem. As far as beverages and snacks are concerned DSD is by far the best alternative.”

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